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  1. This is the internet and I would be disappointed if you didn’t steal it then claim it as your own
  2. I heard Kyle Snyder was a Greco national champ and that’s probably why
  3. That’s some real depression weight loss if he gets down to 97. He won’t beat either Elam if he drops that low, especially Rocky in FS.
  4. Lol okay nah I’ll take either Elam over a 97 Cass
  5. The only two with any semblance of a chance to make 97 would be Elam and Davison. Neither strikes fear into the hearts of senior opponents… or their age-group peerset.
  6. I'll never forget the story of the time that after a hard workout Dake didn't like what the scale said so he immediately started complaining to the ref about the scale poking him in the eye.
  7. Oh no don't dare bring that up. 57/65/74/86/97/125 are the chosen weights for a reason. Did you know that John Smith, a legendary American Cowboy from a previous generation, found them inscribed on golden tablets in the ancient caves of Fila. Declaring himself the chosen one, he presented his mythical findings to his deacons at the village of Lausanne, SUI. As a result he was declared a Prophet of United World Wrestling and his lineage leads the Church of Tweener Gripes of Latter Day Weights. The most prominent of his kin, Markus, was recently anointed bishop of one of those Latter Day Weights where his flock presented him with a medal of bronze in the city of Belgrade.
  8. You are that guy. As noted above, she lost the Emperor’s Cup (Japan’s version of WTT wrestle-off) for the Olympic weight by finishing the winning takedown half a second too late.
  9. We have a niche olympic sport. The little guys (wrestling, hockey, tennis, etc) and the no-future athletes like a certain QB going nowhere on the depth chart or professional level are going to get beat up and used as the compliance example of a cautionary tale for the revenue-driving sports. It is what is it is.
  10. Imagine winning a world title and immediately being overtaken with immense sadness. The video (third slide) is pure gutwrenching pain. It certainly make a person appreciate the US trials process. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cxc_iXxsQQy/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link&igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== (Insta doesn't embed on this forum so here are the first two pics but the video is the juicy part)
  11. Genuine question: has the US offered to host a rankings event? How are sites determined? They seem to be focused on prestigious events of a nation and the only prestigious international events are the US Open and the Farrell. Farrell occurs after worlds at the end of the year so it is essentially a non-starter. US Open would require a fundamental change to the WTT/OTT selection criteria. So you are looking at spinning up a new tournament - when and where?
  12. It's great to wake up in the morning and realize I'm still not the dumbest thread creator on this forum. Enjoy this generation's Big Bruce.
  13. Hot take that I will get roasted into eternity for: His domestic superiority means nothing because he gets a fat ass and gets SMOKED at Olympics.
  14. Ahh you're right, it was at WTT rather than OTT and then Dake went to the new 79kg class in 2018 for his first title. Whoops.
  15. So is Gwyneth Paltrow but I'm not buying that goop either
  16. Zane Richards 2023 57kg 2023 Senior Worlds 2011 58kg cadet worlds 2012 132 lb junior Fargo 2nd (lost two periods to zero to fellow 2023 world team member Zain Retherford 1-1, 1-1)
  17. He's fine at 174. He won't be fine at 74 if he can even make it, He does realize it's scratch Day 1 and Day 2 and he has to actually perform after making weight, right?
  18. JB's eight senior domestic losses in chronological order: Marable (2014 Yassar Dogu) Dake (2017 OTT) IMar (2019 Final X) Taylor (2021 exhibition at 86) Dake (2x 2020 OTT) Marstellar (2x 2023 Final X)
  19. That line is Dake's twitter profile picture but I think he added the Dark Brandon eyes for dramatic effect. Personally I would have gone something of the Shang Tsung soul-snatching variety.
  20. Let the court records show that I called both my shots same as I picked Zane, Lee, and Chance 2023 and won the 2019 Final X confidence pool.
  21. 57 Spencer. This is it. This is the hill I'm tearing my ACLs on. 65 Yianni. Beats Lee day 1, McKenna the bridesmaid once again Day 2 74 Dake. Nolf over JB day 1 86 Taylor. Zahid over Brooks day 1 97 Snyder. Cox over Moore day 1. 125 Parris (unless Gable decides to show up and hustle freestyle fans again). Hendrickson over Kerk day 1
  22. He might as well give 125 a go because he can't make 86 and he can't show up for 97. Might as well take the weight gain seriously.
  23. If JB doesn't like it he is welcome to move to a different weight or wrestle for a different country. That's what his foes have done.
  24. Don't punish Snyder for showing up to tournaments other than worlds unless you want to hold equal weight for Taylor and Yazdani for not competing. Bruce took many losses yet many hold him as the best because of duration. Smith took losses *during* tournaments he won yet many revere him as the best. Burroughs didn't medal in '16, took a few domestic losses, and didn't make the team in '20ne or 23 yet he is considered the top American. It's all subjective and there is no right answer, only 9 months of banter until Paris
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