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  1. Ok...but you're the only one who's brought up the loophole. That hasn't been anyone else's issue. That's a whole other discussion. This was about a GofundMe for RBY's parents and people taking offense because he was Wrestling for Mexico. Not because it compromised the integrity of the Olympics. It seems like it's pretty easy to go through the thread and see what's driving their...opinions.
  2. Yeah, I watched them as well...and I'm with you on Bo and MJ, but I think you're understating Deion's greatness. The way he played offense, he was a weapon as a return man, the best cover corner in the modern era. I would take Jordan as #1 in this group because of what he actually accomplished, Bo as #2 just because he was such a great athlete, but if you weigh both evenly, Deion has to at least be in that conversation. He was both great in his team sports(really good player with the Braves, all-world with the Falcons, Cowboys and 49ers) and he ran a 4.2 something. I can't really argue AGAINST any of them...
  3. Yes, he's up there. That's why it's impossible to go with the "greatest" of all-time. I can only go by Owens accomplishments, but they were amazing...particularly given how he won those Gold Medals! Speaking of which, biiig Bill Burr fan! He has a good line joke about Hitler. I think the whole bit is funny, but it starts with about 1:20 left in the video...if you care;
  4. Does it? I don't know that I agree, but sure, lets say it does. It doesn't seem like it actually has to do with "making the Olympics worse," and more about something very different according to at least some. I'm not super interested in arguing about the rules or if they should be changed for this particular thread. The rules are the rules. I don't blame athletes for transferring and I certainly don't blame athletes for competing for another Country when the best couple of the best athletes in the world are in your Country and Weight.
  5. Cool. I was unsure where you stood
  6. There are two different ways to qualify this. Greatest TEAM athlete...as in accomplishments in a sport vs pure athletic ability. Tom Brady is recognized as the greatest FB player ever. Most punters were more athletic than Brady. So using that metric, Jordan is in a very-very rare group. Talking about just pure athletic ability. Speed, agility, strength, etc...I think Jordan was incredible, but Bo and Deion were different. Deion's speed and agility were off the charts, but the revisionist history is that he wasn't physical. Go watch him early in his career. He hit. He was pretty physical. He got beat up and had shoulder issues and then became the player people remember. Bo? He was incredible. Just the speed he had at 6'1 240, he ran away from DBs, he ran through LBs. I'd guess people would over estimate his stats, but he came straight from Baseball to Football and went for 5 YPC. And then baseball? The power, insane arm... So I guess if you combine the two, I'd say Jordan was better. Incredible athletic ability and is the greatest of his generation in terms of winning(greatest other than Russell in that respect, but even Russell had...what, 6 other HOFs).
  7. No...if I was talking about Pele, I'd have at any point mentioned Pele. I'm talking about Jordan. Particularly during the Dream Team era. Jordan was probably thee biggest reason why the NBA grew internationally the way it did.
  8. You do understand nobody is asking you to root for RBY over Lee, right? Hell, nobody is asking you to do anything. You don't have to donate. That's kinda the driving force idea behind the word donation. Were it compulsory, it would not be a donation. He's an American. He wanted to also be an Olympian. He knew he had a better chance to do so in Mexico. Why does that make people angry? And don't say it doesn't, it very clearly does.
  9. Ok...I mean, there was a entire campaign "Be like Mike," and a shoe brand that's made tens of billions. He was also the biggest(as in most well known) athlete in the entire world. But more importantly...he won. I guess we're talking about different metrics, but I can't see how AI had a bigger impact in any regard. He was great, but...I just don't see it. Not on the level of Mike. He had a bland personality when he played. At least publicly. The Last Dance I thought took some of the blandness out of his personality, but I guess we'll agree to disagree.
  10. https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-get-my-family-to-paris?qid=5c55c3ee08207e6654b79a6de36e6bea I just donated because...eh, I found the posts in here obnoxious.
  11. Ok...I get this isn't a Basketball Forum and there are plenty who think BB players need to be mortal enemies with Wrestlers...but in what world was MJ overrated?
  12. I was going to mention Wilt. He was a freak(in more ways than one). But the wasn't he the NCAA Champ in the 400 High Hurdles...among other accomplishments? The Volleyball league... Otto Graham is a great one. Thorpe. BUT...I don't ascribe to the multi-sport participation to be considered great. Lets talk about the greatest Female athlete. Is anyone more athletic than Simone Biles? Does she really need to participate in track to prove that? Or sooo many Wrestlers?
  13. Is this the rule? Also, he said ONE OF...the greatest athletes.
  14. No...that is not the only reason. Every single team in the league would have been tripping over themselves to give Jordan a chance. He got a chance because he was the most recognizable athlete in the world. And again, by the time the AZFL came around...what he was doing was impressive...relatively speaking.
  15. He might have...if he'd given it 4 years. Jordan came in cold, went right to AA and then back to Basketball. Tebow got the same shit that Jordan did. How he didn't deserve the spot, it was PR, etc...but he ended up being pretty respectable in AA.
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