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  1. Yeah...I know a Soph Phillips lost a 3-2 match to a Sr Ruth at the Ironman and now working it out, I can't think of where they'd have seen each other. Phillips DID Wrestle a few larger Tournaments. Did he maybe beat him at Sr Nationals? IN any event, he was at 171, a Soph, lost a close match to a guy who went 3/1/1/1. I don't think it's disqualifying even if he didn't get him back, but it's one of those things I'd have bet money he did avenge that match, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it was the other way around? Could Ruth have lost and then avenged it?
  2. Steiber wasn't even the top recruit or prospect on his own HS Wrestling team... He was a GREAT Wrestler and recruit, but if we're really talking generational, probably not.
  3. And I still don't give a shit as this had nothing to do with Bono signing a "release." I'll let you think you "won" some conversation as going back through ~40 pages of this shit is not worth it.
  4. I had an awesome coach who could tell you the score or Fried and Smith in the Olympic Trials...and did. I still talk to him and we get on these topics and it sends me down a rabbit hole...watching Fried knock off Smith's main rival(I'm not nearly as good with the names, but I also didn't watch them). I'd say Phillips was pretty close to the two of them, no? I realize he didn't have those big wins vs Sr or college-level wrestlers, but he was so dominant in a state like Ohio. I thought he had one loss, it was to Ruth, and then he avenged it, correct? And he was winning the Ironman and tournaments like that as a '71 pound Freshman? I also respect his decision to not Wrestle. He didn't screw around and take a scholarship because that was the next logical step, just pretty much said he was done with Wrestling and moved on. But man, he would have been a beast. Haven't heard what he's up to. Hope he's doing well.
  5. A-Bullshit. You've been like a fly on shit on this for the last couple of years. I know damn well you saw the Tweets from the Neb Athletic Department. B-Really? What wasn't articulate enough for you? C-....cool.
  6. It has been something Ben has brought up, but I don't know if that's after they fell out or played a role in it. I thought people had said that played a role, but I've only heard a couple of details from people who are around the program. There was a lot of hand-wringing when he brought Gross though. I don't know, seemed like a good idea to get a kid you developed in there, but MM was caught in the middle a bit.
  7. Yup. The problem was the way I articulated it You're a clown. I'm not going back and searching for the "exonerating tweets," as they were posted on here over and over again, you commented on the threads and I know you know this. This is the "willfully ignorant," part.
  8. These have been on the forum, you've seen them, you're just too thick to wrap your head around it. Ok...cool. So you're just repeating this stupidity because you don't like Bono. That's fine. I don't give a shit about him either way. There's just a level of stoopid I can't handle and when you're repeatedly proven wrong and you're STILL bringing up the "Bono didn't sign the release," you're either supremely stupid...which hasn't been my impression of you. Or you're just willfully ignorant and no matter how much evidence you're provided with would ever convince you because...you think this is about how much one likes Bono. Oh...yeah. Good one. I MUST be Jon Reader because your tired playing stupid schtick has gotten old.
  9. Phillips was...incredible. To dominate in Ohio like that...for 4 years at 171(I thought he was at '71 all 4)...but he's one of those guys who was a "generational," type prospect. It's kinda changing now as that criteria has grown so much, so many more U20 World Champs or HS Wrestlers coming in and beating elite College Wrestlers. I'd say the top names that come to my mind are Fried and Kolat...two guys who were just doing unprecedented things in HS, Mocco, Phillips in my mind was one of those guys. Those are the guys I'd put in that NEXT level. Oh, Chance Marstellar also. Glad to see him thriving now.
  10. Yeah; 1-NOT Bono's job to "sign off," it was the AD. 2-The only thing they could have "signed off," was lying and saying Kyle HAD to transfer because there was no longer and opportunity for him to compete in his chosen sport. So yeah, the Head WRESTLING coach could have signed off a letter for the athletic Dept saying there was no opportunity for Burwick to Wrestle...but there was. How the fook are people still confused about this? It's almost as if they don't understand kids can FREELY transfer now and it's still the old days when you DID need a waiver releasing an athlete from their commitment. If you're on this forum and talking about this issue and you still don't get THIS part, that it had absolutely nothing to do with Bono...you're being willfully ignorant at this point. There is literally no other explanation.
  11. There was a guy from Wisconsin who was arguably the best Prep Wrestler they developed. Eric Swick. I don't recall his list of accomplishments as he was probably 8 years before me, but he took 5th I believe at the Olympic Trials as a Sr in HS, he won at least 4 or 5 stop signs, he won "Espoir Nationals," his Jr or Sr year. He, like Destin was ticketed for Wisconsin...and did go there. He had a knee injury. I don't know if it was a mangled knee that prevented him from Wrestling or the type a good friend of mine had where he just needed it cleaned out and claimed that ended his career(I've heard both...but people can be petty and also complained about how cocky he was and from what I've seen knowing him well past his career, he seems like a good dude). In any event, the comment about who was expected to be the next 4-timer, the answer is nobody. I don't think ANYONE was looking at recruits like that. This is a more recent development where you look at HS kids and suggest they could win 4 and it's because they're just getting so much better at an earlier age.
  12. This is so mind-numbingly obnoxious and ignorant, I can't believe people are still parroting this bullshit. BONO-HAD-NOTHING-TO-D0-WITH-BURRWICK. He transferred after the NCAA deadline. He transferred because another former AA transferred in. If you don't like Bono, fine. Askren doesn't either. But Jesus Christ, Nebraska has tweeted and confirmed this, the Wisconsin AD did, the NCAA did and morons are STILL repeating this nonsense.
  13. Yup. Loved it. Never won a title so it was a bit of a bust at the time(never really came all that close). In the years since I realized as I see old teammates a couple of times a year and then saw my Cousin have much more success than I did and then my 2nd Cousin who's only a 7 years younger had a WHOLE lot more success and do well at the D1s, I accomplished more than just my Win-Loss record. They knew it was possible. Got school paid for, lifelong friends... experiences.
  14. Yeah...that word we can't remember is a bit different. It has more historical context. Polak is...IDK, I didn't think it was offensive. I have family that's Polish, it IS kinda used generally to make a joke. My Aunt I guess now that I think about it has always excused thrown it out there when my Cousins did something stupid by saying he's half Polak! Then her Husband would say, "what about our Daughter," and of course it was she got less of the Polak genes. Eh, that was their banter, but I don't recall anyone caring. Jap is just what they'd have on the screen. I suppose if you just referred to people as "Japs," that'd probably not be ideal, but in this context it's more the Country you're talking about. Now...if you were to say the ...word that we've collectively forgotten is "up 5-0," I think it'd be reasonable to find that a bit troubling!
  15. That tracks. His 4th...and his final...his 5th! I like how Jimmy acts like this is Gospel! He said he was going to get 5 not long ago, the first to do it. So...this is just what he's saying NOW. Lets wait and see what he says or does in another year.
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