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  1. That letter is a lot things. Inaccurate isn't one. Of them.
  2. Not karma. Dems are just delivering payback for the Republicans doing it. Truthfully, they all play by the same set of rules. Shame because it is amoral.
  3. Can't argue the part where they are going top take context out of his testimony and use it for lies and click bait. Also can't argue Jim Jordan and other MAGAns refused the same subpoenas. Additionally, can't argue MTG's obsession with his penis is totally unbecoming Congress.
  4. Oh, how I wish we could go back to the days before the CRA. Segregation. Lower pay for equal work. Women knew their place and if they didn't they were c*nts. Homosexuals were in the closet. MAGA!!
  5. I'm guessing a biscuit over 290. Weigh in is an hour before the dual starts Or is it two?
  6. Here is Nutmasher’s match against Wyoming.
  7. He also made Jr FS finals in Fargo 2018. Also no big wins jumped out. Cassioppi teched him in 1:14.
  8. Dude's name is Billy. He showed up for work at Jimmy's and tore it up. Nobody has ever made whatchimacallits and gizmos like that. Immediate raise for meritocracy. Three days later Jimmy goes in early to open the shop. It is burned to the ground and Billy is in cuffs. Billy is screaming he has to kill the leprechauns. Turns out the reason Billy is homeless has nothing to do with work ethic or attitude or even substance abuse. He is schizophrenic.
  9. So last year! Grand View or Life U should scoop them up.
  10. Stunned. MAGA has to be tired of winning!
  11. I'm just thinking, not arguing. If wealth is finite, multiplying it makes no sense. It is probably infinite. If the purpose of society is other than generating wealth, your statement may or may not be meaningful. Looks like you already discussing that concept.
  12. *MAGA TY, That is what we call English!!
  13. Just trying to get some perspective on this math. Is there an Infinite amount of resources in our economic system? Does society exist to generate wealth?
  14. I was laughing at antifa because MAGA immediately and comically pointed the finger at them. Always someone or something else with MAGA. Never evidence and never ending conspiracies being accepted as fact. Childish lack of introspection. That election was not rigged and the buck of culpability stops with MAGA.
  15. Look at the context of what I laughed at. " Did trump alone provoke it?" You then list off every one imaginable - with the exception of the politically motivated MAGA and any organizations aligned therein. Those are the actual culprits. The rest are peripheral and wound up being fodder for MAGA to absolve itself of responsibility.
  16. Zero reason to think trenchcoat went for coffee, let alone to a specific cafe.
  17. This might clear it up. https://www.britannica.com/topic/insurrection-politics
  18. I already answered that question. That question came from jimmy. Now answer mine.
  19. Did you see this happen or have you only seen Tucker’s documentary?
  20. How long has he been practicing? Takes a minute to get proper conditioning.
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