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  1. that same crazy unfit individual will find a way... they always do... i have posted a link of kids causing a woman to die by throwing rocks at her windshield... it has been conveniently ignored... we do not have a gun problem... we have a mental health problem for all the reasons (and more) you listed... gun deaths pale in number every year in this country to deaths associated with obesity and sloth... but... that issue does not generate enough money as compared to the food industry's lobbyists, so, those deaths do not matter...
  2. those are not good enough talking points to get clicks on a headline...
  3. The BJJ world could never pass the WADA tests… it would be a huge embarrassment…
  4. you have to be a returning world medalist to get the wrestle off... there is a specific date which was about 2 days before the event... cox was not a returning world medalist at 97kg...
  5. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/three-charged-murder-colorado-rock-throwing-death-rcna82798
  6. i have hung out with rulon... i have shit talked rulon... yessir nosir with uncle john...
  7. **GIF of buddy from charles in charge hitting himself with a mallet in the head**
  8. i have had guerrero try and big dik me at tourney... it was equal parts ridiculous and hysterical... the boy was standing right next to us and he was like WTF is going on... i just gave the boy a wink and continued to breath straight in his guerrero's ear while he was being guerrero... absolutely nothing intimidating about it at all... i would have melted into a puddle of piss if uncle john had some anything near like that... i have hung out with and partied with world champion road racers, wrestlers, and fighters... hung out and partied with all sorts of other legitimately bad men... all psychos in their own right... none of them are quite like uncle john...
  9. uncle john is the only person in my adult life who actually intimidated me the first time i ever met him... he is a different kind of psycho...
  10. he did not need to make weight to be on the national team... he already was... the whole scene of snyder just standing in the middle of the mat not knowing if he was going to wrestle or not was a bad look and typical of the way cox has been handling his business the last few years...
  11. **GIF of quizzical looking over weight nerd**
  12. The boys have a new favorite wrestler… bakaev… when is Greco?
  13. how does a crawdad flee? straight backwards... i am a hillbilly raised around rednecks... i got several like these that are pure gold...
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