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  1. I know he does! ANYONE who critercizes ANY gubment's actions or policies holds discriminatory views toward that country's religion! It's a DIRECT corretation, and why I LOATHE Mexico's "Christianity!" They aren't Christians like we are!
  2. Biused and fake source, as there are no UNI rastlers included.
  3. This globalercicist needs to be mocked for his dermentia! I hate people with demensha and disabilities!
  4. When are these wokecicists going to stop mandating this by law and give us back our freedoms!? I'm ENRAGED! Here's a pic my wife just took of me after reading your post.
  5. I know! This wokecicist crap has to end NOW! Why should I have to show ANY respeck and accomerdation for people with disabilities!? Us Christian conservative Repulicans are ENRAGED by dementia suffers too, so let's end this wokecicist crap and start mocking people and treating them as they deserve!
  6. There shouldn't be one thing that I say as a Christian conservative Republican that you should disagree with! In fact, I'm echoing everything that you've said at one time or another. So, if you don't agree: RINOCISIST! Now, toughen up and stop crying, ma'am.
  7. Me too! No farmer who gets his inchum guaranteed by big gubment would EVER understand big gubment handouts!
  8. I say this is a cadre of globalercicists, funded by Soros, and egged on by Bootajudge, Karmala Harris, and Hunter Biden that's orchestratring this! There trying to shut down our grid so all of these poisoners of our blood can come here, vote Democrat, and give our kids fentenol!
  9. I know! I listen to the gospel on Fox News, in addition to 12 hours each day of AM radio to know that EVERYONE is worried about being replaced by "these kinds" who are poisoning our blood, raping our children, while selling them feternol! Deportation and abuse NOW!
  10. I'm working on getting that class' culture cancelled here in Iowa!
  11. More proof, as Lonesome Rhodes Glen Beck teaches us, that edurtashun is poison! Illegalize teaching!
  12. I say Soros and his swarthy globalercicists! I'm ENRAGED!
  13. I KNOW! These socialercicists keep giving out this welfare, NEVER expecking money back! Our corportations, farmers, and billionaire investors NEVER get these things! They earn it the HARD way, not like Soros!
  14. Your Soros funded globalercicist! I'm ENRAGED!
  15. As an Iowan, we think it's become a gimmick, just like labeling things " organic" has become. We're "seeing it" in convenience stores these days.
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