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  1. AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHA!! Where is your wrangler? How are you out and about by yourself on the internet? Do the nurses know you've escaped yet?
  2. Using modern infrastructure would likely come out with a smaller sustaining load and vastly higher customer satisfaction.
  3. ... we seem to be stuck in a time loop controlled by an irate imp who feeds on the howls of wrestling fans as their streams freeze and judder... "Let's just take you all back to the 80s for a bit!"
  4. LOL Touched a nerve there. One of us is an experienced engineer who has worked in the automotive field and most recently for an electric vehicle company. The other is you.
  5. One solution, just don't go if you don't like the mask protocol. Seems like an easier solution than throwing a tantrum on Fox News.
  6. In 2023, streaming stability should never be an issue.
  7. Fire everyone but Kyle Klingman and whoever he wants to keep.
  8. Is there a link for a fellow codependent?
  9. 8 for 9 so far. Maroulis out for this event.
  10. It's the engineering and management, not the hardware.
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