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  1. Actual video, funnier than the photos. Rogers got taken out quick. mspart
  2. Well, now everyone can take a deep breath and revel in the fact that we have a speaker of the House and that all reps are now sworn in or will be shortly. Just takes a huge load off of my mind. mspart
  3. I think that is probably true. Tough to see the grins and chuckles on the other side of the keyboard while typing. mspart
  4. I don't care if you post on this thread or not. But you seem very invested because you started it and post the most on this. I asked you why you are concerned and you still have not answered that question. I see you are tired of arguing and not answering direct questions. That can wear on a guy I understand. You ask why I don't care, but I have answered that numerous times in this thread. All you have to do is read, and that direct answer is there in numerous posts. I have been very direct and clear. If you choose not to read them and understand them, that is not on me. I sense you are just argumentative for the sake of being argumentative. Whenever anyone, including me, asks you a direct question, nothing but deflection or obfuscation is provided. That can wear on a guy to have to do that all the time, whereas just answering the question would end it. Seems like a simple approach you might try. I enjoy your posts on the international board, full of great insight and actual facts and data. Very much unlike your political posts which are just opinion with no actual facts behind them. Opinion is ok. Everyone has one. But your attempts to prove your point by pointing to other opinions void of any actual data is not proving your point. That is ok, everyone has their deal going and I'm passionate about what I believe too. But I attempt to answer questions directly and show facts and data to bolster my point of view. But if you want to take a break, that's good. Probably be better all around. mspart
  5. I don't. If you read my first post on this, you will see that. I was just making a funny. If you are referring to the comment about return, I was just stating that 0.0001% would not be a good rate of return and no one would think so. Do you? mspart
  6. Again, why does this bother you? mspart
  7. So now you are looking to Stonekettle to argue for you? He first says he is unconcerned then calls them names for not getting this done. He can't even figure out what he wants and you are looking to him to help argue this for you? Who is this guy anyway? Never heard of him. Why do I care what he says? I don't. I admit it would be nice for them to get this settled, but apparently McCarthy, the heir apparent, isn't so apparent. As long as nothing gets done, no further damage is happening. mspart
  8. OK, so really you are not concerned. What earth shaking legislation is pending that they need to get to right away? None. So there is nothing to be concerned about here. Let them do what politicos do and make fools of themselves. This seems like something you would applaud. mspart
  9. What about this 2020 return do you not understand? mspart
  10. Please use those 1040 returns and show me how, as Forbes says, he paid no taxes in 2020. You won't find the answer in the Forbes article. In fact in the first paragragh, a link to the HOuse ways and means committee does not work. This is found in the first of the KEY FACTS. It's not a fact if it can't be seen. There are no facts or data in the Forbes article. Only proclamations. I've seen the 1040 forms, as you have now. I trust the forms signed under penalty of prosecution rather than soft blather. mspart
  11. Mike, I assume you are not a fan of the Rs. So why does this concern you so much? It's not like the Ds will suddenly take power here. mspart
  12. I brought the screenshots to you and your first reaction was - look how much his refunds were. Now you are still arguing the point, but not answering why you still believe people that tell you he paid $750 when it is demonstrable that is not what he paid. You have been lied to and duped. I'm sorry but I'm looking at the facts and data, that's all. It shows he paid hundreds of thousands in taxes each of those years. mspart
  13. As noted, I am not concerned. Less time for them to do damage. Plus they are not getting paid so they are feeling it. DC is not cheap. I'm sure they'll get retro pay so please don't worry for them. mspart
  14. Did you look at the forms? I don't care what some wiki says, I care what the forms say. The first two pages of 1040 form have all the final numbers for you, me, and Trump, and everyone else. It gives total tax owed, total taxes paid, and any refund or additional tax payment needed. It is not voodoo. It is quite clear and I don't understand why you are trying to see something that is not there. If your last statement is true, then that would all be on the first two pages of the tax return. What I stated is the tax he paid those years. The IRS received those monies. Each of those years he overpaid so got a refund, but that is the final statement. It is a lie that he paid only $750 as shown by these forms. It is incredible that you still want to believe that lie after seeing the 1040 forms that constitute final status. mspart
  15. Exactly, that's what I said! Everyone should be happy. mspart
  16. Where do you see $750 paid as tax for any year? Come on. mspart
  17. Did you not see what his tax was? Who cares what the refund is? I could owe $10 in taxes but pay 1000000000 in estimated tax to cover my bases. I should get a substantial refund. You would argue the same with your taxes. You don't pay more than you owe. If you did, you get a refund. Are you saying you want Trump to play by different rules than you play to? He uses the same tax code you do and paid taxes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. The Lying Left has stated he paid only 750 dollars in tax and no tax in these years. That is a flat out lie as the returns show. That is why I included screenshots of the tax returns so there would be no argument. Maybe he didn't owe as much tax as you or others think, but he paid more than $750. Again, your sources are suspect in their partisanship. They are willing to nakedly lie to us to get us all inflamed, hoping we don't look into it. I did that for you and showed their lies. He paid substantially more than $750 in each of the years 2015-2020. Way more. There is no truth to the $750 lie whatsoever and the included screenshots show that to be true. mspart
  18. I'd say trafficking humans trumps that. He should rot in Romanian paradise. mspart
  19. Any liberal could say the same if they fear an R House. They should be just as happy with nothing happening. In actual fact, nothing much will happen because Congress is divided and therefore only the matters of utmost urgency will get addressed. mspart
  20. I don't think so. Money well spent would bring in 10%, so $1,100,000 would be money well spent. You are suggesting an increase of 0.0001% is money well spent. No one in investments would agree with that. You want a decent rate of return. 10% is not the minimum, but certainly not the max either. But 0.0001%, not worth the time of even HR adding her to the payroll. mspart
  21. 2015 - Trump paid $735,172 in taxes. 2016 - Trump paid $614,299 in taxes. 2017 - Trump paid $284,718 2018 - Trump paid $2,068,822 2019 - Trump paid $460,977 2020 - Trump paid $271,973 These tax returns I have posted are from https://apnews.com/article/trump-tax-returns-documents-index-978260721336 I don't see where he paid $750 in taxes from 2015-2020 which has been all the rage. You folks who are concerned about this, or are spreading this, need to look now at your sources and ask yourself what they were telling you. The IRS 1040 forms do not lie. mspart
  22. No Speaker, no congressional action. So for so good. mspart
  23. IRS has nothing to do with it. It is Congress that has everything to do with this. Change the tax code. The problem is both Rs and Ds have rich benefactors that would be screwed by this. Ever wonder why the tax code is so incomprehensible? Because of this. A flat tax with some amount of exemption would actually be more fair. What good is a graduated tax if this happens. Essentially, Trump made diddly squat to be paying $750 in taxes. But is that $750 he owed over what had already been paid, or was that a total amount paid to the IRS? mspart
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