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  1. you could be correct: perhaps rokfin will prove to be only 'better' for certain types of creators. idk. i'd be silly to be sure of anything as the platform is in its infancy. i know this much though - if you took the views one gets on YT and the compensation they get and compare it to rokfin for the same numbers....it's night and day. i know what numbers i'm driving and i know what revenue comes with that. and i'm more than happy with it. and that's all that really matters.
  2. nailed it geesh. i've never seen anyone make in entrance in which they're so clearly oblivious in so many consecutive posts. and you do it with so much surety. impressive.
  3. i know. i just like to give you a hard time.
  4. just because they (high audience creators) aren't on there yet doesn't mean the model isn't the best. a more equitable platform was the entire impetus behind the project. the compensation (the share the creator gets) is night and day. the first big creator that gets on there will do massive numbers. that's why i'm saying that you guys are forming an argument without knowing the full situation. i'm not trying to be arrogant about it. rokfin is new, the details unknown to most, and i happen to be in the middle of it. (by the way, crypto isn't 'imploding;' it's going through what it should go through, which is weeding out the junk projects and those with very little real world application. the one's worth it will survive. and imo, thrive.
  5. omg i can't believe you guys fell for that.
  6. if you guys scratch Vak's avatar you can actually smell his nervousness. if you don't believe me, try it.
  7. i said in my first reply that i wouldn't try to convince you guys. i'll stop now. think what you want. it's your money after all.
  8. Rokfin = $100 yr. and one off PPV fees for certain events whose promoter decides to utilize that function glad to clear that up for you.
  9. that may or may not be the case, Mike. however 1) rokfin is agnostic in this (it's the event organizer that decides it) and 2) it's much better for me (who doesn't use ppv but who has more daily viewers than most) it's a really great happy medium (and currently the best situation for the creators) the only down side is that some consumers a skittish b/c they can't wrap their brain around $10+$15=$25 vs. $25 of course, the choice is yours in deciding whether to watch or not.
  10. are you using any data at all? seems to me you're making assumptions based out of thin air.
  11. at the end of the day the current system is better for the creators in a world where every other platform is terrible for creators. if you guys think this is terrible for consumers, and that it limits viewership, then the market will bear that out and the creators will have to reconsider ppv. otherwise, you're just scoffing at semantics and/or a unique funnel.
  12. wrestling people always say this and it's always not accurate. there's a reason flo makes it painful/impossible to do monthly. it's called data. and your assumption that a different model would result in more customers is just that...an assumption.
  13. it works better for both daily content creators (like me) and individual event promoters (like Frank Pop) that both are in play. i wouldn't say the single/initial plan didn't work. i think it worked quite will. but that this (from a creator's pov) was more equitable. of course, it's up to the event promoter to use the ppv or not. that's not determined by the platform.
  14. OKST + Over parlay NEB + Over parlay Both overs parlay Bolen-Romero under 9.5
  15. I think Wittlake can be very solid up two weights. that being said, idk if he's Keck-Hidlay level. i wouldn't put him there yet.
  16. It's the individual channels/creators that roundly requested the ppv option. i won't try to convince y'all that it makes sense b/c you probably made up your mind. but it makes all the sense in the world. and at the end of the day, if you don't subscribe normally, just consider it a $25ppv. of course you can decide if that's too steep for ya or not. i would also suggest maybe considering the P&L of the events these promoters put on. (keep in mind, i don't do ppv events so this is not me trying to defend myself)
  17. All DI Commits holler if i'm missing any
  18. He's #1 at 220 and #1 P4P (with Meyer Shapiro out) he's going to take classes online and just train. was supposed to go to Ironman with this being the first year Indiana was allowed to attend, so it's a bummer from that angle.
  19. He took 6th at S32 and was 2nd last year. IDK what Adams has to do with Herman/tOSU but that's not true. Adams and Herman were both in the same bracket in May and Adams was 2nd and Herman 5th. Herman's losses were to kasak and manville. manville just beat Herman again in Folk last weekend.
  20. Joel Adams is very much more than a 'good greco guy'. He won Fargo in FS, made Cadet FS World Team Trials finals, and made finals of S32 in folk. The Koontz brothers are not a good comparison.
  21. thankfully, i was working all day and didn't put anything in haha.
  22. had some good national performances in hs. was #81 on the big board.
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