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  1. Looks like I was off on that one. Redding certainly has the better overall results but perhaps that’s because Frost was banged up. That’s a convincing win over Redding.
  2. I think Redding wins the 141 spot. Jacob Frost would need to take a major step forward to be considered on Redding's level. Last year he lost to Dylan Layton from Cleveland state (who went 0-2 at the MAC tournament) and High Schooler Kyler Larkin (who is a very good wrester in his own right).
  3. Good question. He is thick, but not very tall. That would strengthen their lineup and make a very salty dual team. Their lineup would be 125- Terukina / Perryman 133- Frost (high AA potential) 141- Redding / Frost 149- Ech (Swiderski redshirt?) 157- Johnson (Chittum redshirt?) 165- Euton (or Chittum if he does not RS) 174- Gaitan 184- Bockman / Naaktgeboren 197- Carrol HWT- Yonger
  4. EIWA: Navy PAC12: Oregon State Big12: South Dakota State, Oklahoma State ACC: Virginia Tech MAC: Ohio SoCon: App State Ivy: Cornell Big10: Iowa, Penn State
  5. On the Hawkeye board it was suggested that Tony Cassioppi is taking the open job at Wisconsin
  6. Makes sense. He looked large at 97kg. I hope he goes up to HWT for NCAA's and doesn't try to kill himself making 197. He's got a big frame to work with.
  7. I figured he was talking about Thompson since he was caught smoking pot in the bathroom at a wrestling tournament in high school lol.
  8. Husker, do you have any insight on the Trumble/Trephan plan at NC State?
  9. Who has all left? I know Sammy Alvarez left. He was stuck behind Jamison and Williams in the lineup. Now we have Carrol entering the portal. They have brought in this offseason - Hamiti, Hendrickson, Amine, Fish and then Kody Routledge just flipped his commitment from Nebraska to OKSt. I think that Carrol and Cody Merrill are very similar in body type in that they will be big, strong 197 pounders but may struggle with the length issues at heavyweight.
  10. I think we see Olguin head back down to 165, Harman 174, Munoz 184, Rademacher 197.
  11. If this is the standard then you are going to end up with all recent wrestlers on the list.
  12. What he could do to an apple with his hands should be enough to include him on the list.
  13. Cunningham could be very good but that is quite the projection to make from where he currently sits.
  14. He has had nice wins in Folkstyle but is a zero time AA in 2 tries. In freestyle he is a U23 world champion and made the finals of the US Olympic trials.
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