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  1. wrestling people always say this and it's always not accurate. there's a reason flo makes it painful/impossible to do monthly. it's called data. and your assumption that a different model would result in more customers is just that...an assumption.
  2. it works better for both daily content creators (like me) and individual event promoters (like Frank Pop) that both are in play. i wouldn't say the single/initial plan didn't work. i think it worked quite will. but that this (from a creator's pov) was more equitable. of course, it's up to the event promoter to use the ppv or not. that's not determined by the platform.
  3. OKST + Over parlay NEB + Over parlay Both overs parlay Bolen-Romero under 9.5
  4. I think Wittlake can be very solid up two weights. that being said, idk if he's Keck-Hidlay level. i wouldn't put him there yet.
  5. It's the individual channels/creators that roundly requested the ppv option. i won't try to convince y'all that it makes sense b/c you probably made up your mind. but it makes all the sense in the world. and at the end of the day, if you don't subscribe normally, just consider it a $25ppv. of course you can decide if that's too steep for ya or not. i would also suggest maybe considering the P&L of the events these promoters put on. (keep in mind, i don't do ppv events so this is not me trying to defend myself)
  6. All DI Commits holler if i'm missing any
  7. He's #1 at 220 and #1 P4P (with Meyer Shapiro out) he's going to take classes online and just train. was supposed to go to Ironman with this being the first year Indiana was allowed to attend, so it's a bummer from that angle.
  8. He took 6th at S32 and was 2nd last year. IDK what Adams has to do with Herman/tOSU but that's not true. Adams and Herman were both in the same bracket in May and Adams was 2nd and Herman 5th. Herman's losses were to kasak and manville. manville just beat Herman again in Folk last weekend.
  9. Joel Adams is very much more than a 'good greco guy'. He won Fargo in FS, made Cadet FS World Team Trials finals, and made finals of S32 in folk. The Koontz brothers are not a good comparison.
  10. thankfully, i was working all day and didn't put anything in haha.
  11. had some good national performances in hs. was #81 on the big board.
  12. glad you all are here. @BobDole should get the lion's share of the credit. i just paid for it lol
  13. lol. when did i 'besmirch' Missouri? i just don't think they are taking 3rd this year. and i wasn't at national duals that year, ya liar.
  14. my rankings have Missouri 6th, currently. maybe you really do know nothing!
  15. btw - i think it's going to be Condomitti at 165
  16. Missouri ain't taking 3rd.
  17. Pretty sure Morton is gonna start. they like him. he's not bad. beat Mauller at US Open (fs, of course)
  18. Carr vs. Hamiti make your official pick. I'm going Carr.
  19. yeah, i noticed that (Mesenbrink's wrestle off weight) after i finished that piece. i would guess if he goes this year it will be at 157 though. (i don't think you'd throw a TR FR in the 165 meatgrinder this year). that being said, he's the one guy who i have in that set of rankings whose RS status, to me, is unclear.
  20. I'll be on the call for this one. i'll take Carr over Hamiti. i want to say people picking Hamiti are crazy. if hamiti wins i'll come back and edit this after @BobDole changes the settings. another thing i'm interested to see is who ISU sends at 174. Broderson lost in wrestle offs. not sure what to make of it. overall his results are solid but i'd be lying if i said im kinda hoping they put MJ Gaitan in.
  21. "Anyone outside the top 10 at any weight to place." this is who I have at the moment (intermat ranking) 125 - none 133 - 5th - Jesse Mendez (NR) 141 - 3rd - Beau Bartlett (15) 141 - 5th - Lachlan McNeil (20) 141 - 6th - Vince Cornella (NR) 149 - 8th -Shayne Van Ness (27) 157 - 7th - Mitch Mesenbrink (NR) (to be clear, i'm not sure that he's starting) 165 - 4th - Patrick Kennedy (15) 174 - 8th - Chris Foca (11) 184 - 6th - Lenny Pinto (NR) 197 - 7th - Ethan Laird (13) 285 - 6th - Trent Hillger (11)
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