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  1. Both candidates are old and have some issues with teleprompters or glitching. That's the nature of nominate such old people. One wants to be a dictator, has said that out loud. I don't care how long they plan to keep that power just that they want it at all. The other doesn't. Biden is the only legit choice. Not a great one, granted. Would love a better one. But considering the other moron that is presumably and not definitely on the ballot, yet. Its not much of a choice at all.
  2. Yes and no. There's a decent chance that the reason it took so long to make an announcement was that a few 'candidates' turned it down after getting matching offers from current employers. Which is a tactic that some play to gain leverage with their AD. Story that Kyle Dake turned down a boat load of money to be a head coach. My guess is that it was Columbia. Being from New York and the Ivy League it makes sense to me that Columbia could be getting nervous that no one wants to be there. Tanelli leaving for greener pastures. Much like the previous coach did too. Too many turning down their offers. I would guess the amount that needed to be offered for DP to move from a Big Ten roster/budget/salary to an Ivy League school with the legacy it currently has, must be enough to take that risk. So, yes, made it more desirable by driving up the salary. How long does DP stay? 3-5 years, 75% 5-8 years, 50% 8+ years, <25%
  3. Is it pro-life to also be pro-gun? Not talking about abortion btw. Seems like those two groups are made up of a similar cohort, tho. But can you be honestly say you are supportive of your fellow humans to live their lives. While simultaneously supporting the ownership of a thing with the sole purpose of ending it quickly?
  4. There's a word for that. And people displaying those attributes should never be near the levers of power.
  5. As someone so keen to type 'ANSWER THE QUESTION' you seem unable to do that yourself. Funny how that works. Why is that? Are you scared of what your real answers and opinions will reflect on you as a person? What do you call a person(like you) with no empathy for innocent people? As only a means to an end even through violence? Hint: Psychopath. You should take stock of your views and opinions to see how they fit in with how that manifests.
  6. Why do use the G-word? If you had evidence of that, perhaps you'd have a leg to stand on, but you don't. But it seems that you just like putting people down. Is it to make yourself feel better? And what is the agenda as you see it?
  7. I'll bet they have. Have you looked? What would that do to you and your position?
  8. So what should we do? Are bombs our only option? Are you ok sacrificing 29% of a population to kill/destroy/crush the other 71%?
  9. Ok. So you are agreeing with me. Does this mean the 29% deserve to be bombed?
  10. We've already agreed Palestinians and those of Hamas are not all the same. To consider them as such for the sake of attempting to justify your position is uninformed and lazy. Same as GOP/Dems and Americans are not all one circle of a ven.
  11. When your answer is suggested in the question. And when I asked you to prove it and you can't or refuse. It is your responsibility, as an honest interlocutor, to retract the suggestion that was implied. If not, you are standing by it as fact. Which it isn't or at least you're too lazy to prove it as such. Either way, you are a liar.
  12. That's right, project your laziness on to me. Its my fault you won't back up your claim. If you had any evidence you'd want to shut me up in a second. But you don't. Of course you won't because you'd have to read more than head lines and you can't be bothered with that because you would soon learn that your opinion is not valid and you have no basis for it other than your bias or need to punish others. You are a dime a dozen. Happy to yell about your opinion and how others are wrong but never to back up your claim. This is hardly the first and I'll be not the last time you 'Not gonna waste my time' about a subject because uniformed and too lazy to fix it.
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