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  1. Obama tweeted in support of Biden this morning.
  2. it does? in senate and congressional races? and it's certainly not mandatory.
  3. honestly i think the best thing that could be implemented is a mandatory minimum of 3 parties on the ballot for Presidential and congressional races.
  4. guys, we got a new member of the boards and he's a real sharp cookie.
  5. sorry WKN, just seeing this. my experience in crypto has been....idk...seasonal. i get in to it more in the summer when i have some downtime. i've played around with a bunch of alt coins with modest purchases but have really only invested significant amounts in ETH. As far as RAE, I'm a believer in it. That being said, the situation with it right now, actually, is probably the worst. It halved a few months back and the price still hasn't gone to where it should. But it is 'stable' unlike so many coins. And the reason I believe in it is b/c it has real world application: the economy of a Rokfin wherein money comes in and goes out. The number of cryptocurrencies which are practical, and not theoretical/speculative is almost nil. Trading RAE, as you mentioned, was/is limited. it used to be more difficult but there 1) it's now on uniswap and 2) there are liquidity pools which mitigate transaction costs.
  6. sidenote: surprised you (VAK) were watching this. is that channel in more homes now? i don't know if i get it. for some reason since i moved to the west coast i watch almost nothing on cable.
  7. lol. "PLEASE DONT SUE US" that being said, and i know i sound like a quack... ain't no way that election wasn't rigged.
  8. the entire world is china's bitch, basically. they do whatever they want.
  9. i just read that. i'm not well versed in economic strategies - so what's the thought process behind it? is that part of curtailing inflation? i also read that he has floated making the US Dollar the national currency.
  10. seems to be a solid look at things (i think) https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/cm55yv0g0veo
  11. how does poverty rate increase so quickly? especially when the price of goods stabilize? were there massive job losses/business closures? i'm not saying you're wrong. in fact, i saw that figure too not long ago. i just don't understand.
  12. you were banned once before, correct? regardless, keep calling people racists and transphobes and your time here will be short.
  13. this never gets old
  14. i reiterate - you voted for a man that vehemently opposed school integration because, and i quote 'it would create a racial jungle' and flaunted, for years, writing the 1994 crime bill that black people, to this day, rail about. now do you have any retort other than vapid 'yeah, but you're racist' inanities?
  15. Says this ^^^ which is patently false and then posts this: can't fix stupid. just remember when you go to the poll to vote for Biden that he wrote the 1994 crime bill and voted against school integration.
  16. the hysteria the left buys into
  17. take it easy on him. he just had to look the term up.
  18. ^^^ 100% spin zone your response was NOT b/c 'it sounds like every guy getting passed over'. you were clear your stance is "i'm tired of hearing how hard it is to be a white man." it's a racist take.
  19. whatever. you know precisely what you're doing. A very real clip of Joe doing something stupid pops up every day. KJP just went on air and called them 'cheap fakes' knowing they are real. Rasta: 'happens on both sides' i mean, get real.
  20. this is the entire democrat establishment. i couldn't have summarized it better. it's why they fight like hell for 'big government'
  21. if i posted every instance i came across "Illegal alien does 'xyz' crime" would it change any of your libtard minds? or would you just cling to your tribalism?
  22. so, you don't have any examples? not that it really matters. the pertinent point here is that KJP lied, once again, to America. she knows the clips in question are authentic.
  23. microcosm of why no one here takes you seriously. you lie even to yourself.
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