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  1. LaRkIn Is FoR sUrE 157 bRo!
  2. You said there was no evidence. I offered evidence. I could actually care less.
  3. Oregon State's Munoz entered at 92 KG for U23s? A sign for 197lbs next season?
  4. I would say not so good, honestly. He had a lot of losses to fringe NQ gents. He did wrestle Brewer tough, though, I guess. https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/21395/deshazer-daniel/profile His style definitely lends itself towards MFS, but he has also been grinding it for ~10 years now and was just now climbing our ladder to the Top 5-ish. Unfortunately I think that has a lot to do with a lot of gents not showing up this or last year at 61 KG. Also, he had a couple/few losses to high school kids this year didn't he?
  5. He might have won it or DNP the Covid year. He had a 3-1 OT loss (his only one) to the #1 seed early in the season. Frosh tend to improve a lot that first season during the season.
  6. There is evidence. Higher bonus. Schedule or not, he had his highest bonus in that span.
  7. I don't think it is much of a mystery man. The only gent that is in the portal that could run it back up at 184lbs is Rutger's Billy Janzer. I don't see anyone that would fit that bill, unless Amine is that guy - which I don't see. I also don't see Bearclaw as that guy (hopefully Bearclaw is at 157/165 with Teemer at the other weight). It seems a bit convenient to say that you beat the guy when he was better and lost to him when he wasn't, right? Seems like the best version of all 'four' of those wrestlers ends up being Alirez then, right? Cooooonvenient.
  8. The best version of Woods we saw was the one that didn't get to compete at Nationals due to Covid. That version was from Stanford.
  9. That was what I had thought before as well. Sort of off subject because it is entirely off subject and not sort of, but did you see OSUW's Munoz entered at 92 KG for U23s?
  10. Clearly you have not heard of this dad-bod fad going around the last fifteen or so years.
  11. Maybe we see Valencia there in an effort to grow in to 86 KG for Mexico?
  12. Well you are also penciling him in as starter ahead of a guy that is returning that he (Focus) lost to last year.
  13. That was the lowest (213lbs) that he had been since he was in 5th grade, too. Take another 16lbs off of that and hold it for an entire season? I am with @Gushere. I want to see it before I pencil him in.
  14. Until I see Carroll at 197, I am not even writing him in as the starter over Surber.
  15. Are we thinking Derracott or Bearclaw?
  16. This was meant for you - apologies.
  17. Neal was 6'4" and was all of 130 KG (~285lbs) for his wrestling days. He also played with a wingspan of a 6'8" Tackle, metaphorically speaking. He was the only wrestler to out-athlete Brock, IIRC during his days, but a lot of it had to do with just having a longer/larger frame.
  18. We know he's athletic... probably the most athletic heavyweight we have had this millennium. That said, what does that mean for top speed? He could run a ~4.7s 40, but a ~6s 3 cone drill and that would tell us a lot more about position. Those are elite EDGE numbers. If he does that with a 12 rep bench, then he isn't a DE, he's potentially an OLB... but then he would need higher top end speed, so undesirable there. This is all conjecture, mind you. I don't know any of his stats aside for height/weight, and it is likely that we never will.
  19. Since you follow it a bit more closely than most of us, do you have any insight as to why the federation seems to have stopped caring about wrestling? It is curious that they have been sending partial teams for any style. I know they typically focus on Olympic weights, but there have been some prominent tournaments in the last year or two that they just haven't been sending even those weights at. Is it a precaution so as to not lose more wrestlers to defection? It is pretty clear that one of the reasons for the USA rising to be the lone power in the western hemisphere is that Cuba has sort of taken a step back. It doesn't even necessarily look like a step back in quality as it is quantity. My apologies to you gents for getting off topic - just curious on this one.
  20. People are either ignorant, xenophobic, or a toxic combination of both. Add it that keyboards don't typically fight back and a lot of folks get courageous.
  21. Steveson would have to reduce a lot of his mass to be a functional HB. He isn't really tall enough to play any other position. Derek Henry is the unicorn that is typically 250+ as a HB, but he is also 6'3" tall. I know he has the athleticism and all that to do what so many just can't... but size and frame matters a lot when it comes to coaching schemes. You don't see 6'0" tackles anymore unless they have a 7'0" wingspan (which is what matters there). Does he have hands? He would be a short Tight End, but he would probably be the most athletic tight end in the league were he to go that route. What are his actual physical stats? 6'0" 255lbs? Wingspan? Bench Press? Vertical Jump? Is he even an offensive guy? Does he go the route of OLB in a 4-3 or EDGE in a 3-4? He doesn't have the experience to jump in the middle and play MLB. I would love for football to be his sport as it would go a long way to showing/proving that wrestling is the way to go.
  22. Billy Janzer? What about Valencia?
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