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  1. I would go in to hiding, were I you. Dr. @MPhillipshas connections and nearly limitless resources. He will find you.
  2. And it should be me... for my satisfaction and mine alone.
  3. I thought the rumor was Byrd was heading up to 141? That is the opposite direction from 57 KG.
  4. I was, yes. This entire thread is a joke.
  5. I don't think he is a world bester at 97 KG. I just think he could be the one looking at 97 KG. That said, he beats both Elam at whatever weight.
  6. I wouldn't. 260lbs Parris =/= 213lb Parris. Cassioppi.
  7. I am all for Sadulaev and a speedy recovery and once recovered I would expect him to still be the best in the world. I will say, though, that the propogandist argument doesn't go very far. He was literally at a Pro-Ukraine Invasion rally. That makes him a tool for propaganda, or a propagandist.
  8. Well the math there is that he would need to cut 17" in height to make 74 KG at a reasonably healtht 4'6" tall.
  9. That is a pretty good one. He is fringe R12/R16. He could sneak in after the slew of top end gentd leave and if any of the other kiddos don't progress as much as we all think they might.
  10. The fact that you think you have any sort of control over any emotion aside for pity (is that an emotion?) is also pathetic. Good try though. Try better.
  11. That's a rather handy bit of information. Is that Jesse's girl's number? Is her name Tiffany and does she have a daughter named Stacy?
  12. Says the sniveling whine-ass who just won't go away. You're like a clingy girlfriend. Leave us alone. GO. AWAY.
  13. To do what Dake does and to be as lean as he is here is what we have... Snyder is 71" tall. Dake is 70" tall. Snyder weighs 97KG (213.8lbs) when he weighs in. Dake weighs 74 KG (163.1lbs) when he weighs in. If we scale Dake up (70/74*97=91.7... let's call it 91...) we need to make him 7'7" tall. Snyder needs to get some extensions.
  14. Well then... did Iowa's internal class between 2019 and 2021 differ than that of 2022 in regards to punitive measures being taught?
  15. I don't know. 23 KG is only ~50lbs, so I don't think there is any merit to this.
  16. You're the sniveling whine-ass that just won't go away.
  17. The damning evidence there is that he admits he knew it was wrong to at least some extent.
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