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  1. Yeah, I don't think Kurugliev has any seeding criteria so he could be a tough first round opponent for anyone. Throw in whoever Russia sends. This weight could be a little more interesting than in years past. But yes Yaz and DT are the best
  2. Yeah theres several big names but most will be taken off the board by last chance. There is definitely going to be a landmine or 2 but ... We should make it, but also could have a bad opening match and hasta. I'm wondering more about 57kg, we have some horses here as well so love our chances but just wonder what the field will look like
  3. I thought it was generally whoever wins the spot at trials
  4. Well, ummmm that was not a good showing by the ole freestyle team. Somebody should've challenged Richards for this opportunity. But um bring on the last chance
  5. Here's a link to all the current qualifiers. And no Mexico has a chance with RBY and Gomez, but no current rasslers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrestling_at_the_2024_Summer_Olympics_–_Qualification
  6. Lee probably wins the match by 6+ points more often than not. But Gomez is Gomez, and when he gets a little steam, he sometimes looks like a world beater. There's a reason he went to Mexico though, its HARD to make the U.S. team. We have 5+ guys that can give the absolute best in the world all they can handle in any given match. Gomez is not among the best in the world, and losing to him is probably the biggest upset of the tournament so far. Valencia beating Torreblanca is up there as well.
  7. it was subtle, but if you pause it right before the feet to back, you'll see a clear circular void appear just above Lee's left kneecap
  8. I mean they both rested during that time. Clearly it was gamesmanship, but too many people acting like he pulled out a gun and shot Lee in the kneecaps. If a fake injury is all it takes to tech our rep, we have bigger problems.
  9. Woods heard about my comment at the break and got it done
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