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  1. Easiest answer is Russia. Most reasonable is: 57kg nobody knows 65kg nobody knows 74kg Dake or Sidakov most likely
  2. Oh I thought he had one then the other. I prefer only 1 . I have a feeling he shocks the world this year and gets it done . Fingers crossed. I need to start paying more attention of seeds.
  3. Or beat them both and win it all :) I'm calling it !
  4. 57 KG - Higuchi 65 KG - Russia 74 KG - Russia 86 KG - Yaz 97 KG - Kyle Snyder somehow 125 KG - Zare
  5. I did see that. I mean he could be a finalist for sure. But if he and Geno wrestle in an hour or at the Olympics. Id probably pick Geno .60% to medal
  6. The finals more than 60% you think ...... I think Geno, Taha, Zare . Still all best him at the big show...... And I think he's susceptible to a few others.... But favored. I think he almost definitely wrestles for a medal and should medal. But I gotta allow for him catching somebody tough early and them losing in the semis (I don't even know where they all stand with points currently)
  7. 100% again: Cheers to pool-format ;)
  8. I haven't read anyone else's . Dake/Snyder would need to get a little unlucky not to medal Spencer/Zain/Brooks/Paris basically all in the same boat Spencer: like struggling at the qualifier, is in a tough weight with a lot of guys his caliber. Finalist or tough draw and out. Who knows. 25% Zain... Exact same... Lots of Ochirs maybe a little less confident than spicy lee . He medals 1 in 5x . 20% Brooks: he beat DT I know but eh . I think Naifanov (or whoever they send ), Kurugliev, Yaz, some sleeper. Can upset him . Just depends on draw. I'd assume he wrestles for Bronze . 35% Paris: should wrestle for bronze but a bad draw couple put him up against it .... 40% Over under 4 medals or 4.5 sounds scary enough
  9. Lol come on now ;) cheers though to pool format
  10. 65kg had some talent, it always does, he did about as good as possible, the draw was helpful.
  11. Actual Results obvi, but for those of you who don't navigate UWW https://uww.org/event/polyak-imre-varga-janos-memorial-0/results
  12. Aliyev over Kiyooka, Kiyooka over Musz, Musz over Aliyev Geno gets pinned This bad boy is wild https://uww.org/article/live-blog-budapest-ranking-series-day-1
  13. Given the same draw, I don't think any of our other guys get it done. Well done by the Train. Excited for the Olympics, hope he gets a decent draw
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