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  1. You might be an Iowa wrestler if you are discussing who pays the date dinner tab based on the O/U bill total. too soon?
  2. Are you implying some folks don't?
  3. Never played. How about pickleball? Is nhs in?
  4. Also (Bob only gave me 15 min ) one of the STARs (standard terminal arrival route) is CBUSS TWO (RNAV). You're gonna need that extra S.
  5. I've flown into KOSU (Ohio State University Airport) a few times. Just a warning to others, it doesn't work to plug TOSU into the Garmin and controllers will throw a fit if you request "direct TOSU." Everything is messed up over there at the CBUS.
  6. Just stay out of/off of CBUS. Don't think he ventures far from there.
  7. But did you take your hat off and stand at attention while placing a coller tie on the person to your left?
  8. I think we did this one before on the old forum.
  9. I have a good friend from Grant, do you know how to pronounce that one.
  10. Thought you were from Nebraska? Google Maps doesn't know either. Yes thats pretty much it.
  11. Maybe Bad Ban cause if two welshers meet.
  12. I'll believe that when Wkn provides supporting data.
  13. It is obvious now that Bob is garnering no more votes. As such, this thread should be shut down and someone should have the last ...
  14. But then again, why not Texas and Florida?
  15. So what happened to Central America and South America? Latin America: The term does not have a precise definition, but ...
  16. So looking at the map, why isn't Florida Latin America? Maybe Texas?
  17. Latin America? The political status of Puerto Rico is that of an unincorporated territory of the United States.
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