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  1. 5) BobDole defeated in the 2024 election. Vote for ionel in 2024!
  2. But why do I keep getting old Bob Dole for President ads? Vote for ionel in 2024!
  3. Not sure i needed to know this.
  4. That's 3 or 4 good arguments. ; Yes its stupid we can't have nice things when 87% want nice things.
  5. "International world leaders collectively condemned Iran's drone and missile attacks on Israel, calling for peace in the Middle East." but not uncle bernie
  6. Its a fact that my opinion is your opinion is not factual.
  7. My opinion is that your opinion about opinions is an opinion.
  8. Well that may be your opinion but some may disagree.
  9. How? Biden already said "don't." Surely you aren't suggesting nuking Iran.
  10. https://www.columbian.com/news/2024/apr/12/report-estimates-lower-snake-river-dams-reservoirs-emit-millions-of-tons-of-greenhouse-gases/ Will there ever be such a thing as clean green energy?
  11. Just to keep on topic don't forget we need crazy uncles else think how boring Thanksgiving holiday at home would be.
  12. Its the same policy from 2023, same before Russia invaded Ukraine and believe same policy he used with his German Shepard Major ... "don't" bite anyone.
  13. "the argument" I beg to differ, there are many good arguments.
  14. I don't recall on the first two but how do we know they weren't "optimal?" On Marstellar we know he was on the weed and munchies, his only option that first year was 157 (and betting fat data showed he could wrestle there) wasn't beating the 165 but also he gassed at 165 in open tournament so perhaps not the cut but the Cheetos.
  15. Don't think I've seen evidence of this, but yeah thats the joke.
  16. We all know John would've just sucked down another weight class.
  17. Yes I think the 6 weight classes is ridiculous. But now with the breakup of USSR its not the same 5, 6 or 7. Soviets as a team were the best but now Russia is just a country (well except for the cheating) and the USA is much more competitive now. Some of out trial brackets look like world brackets. Seems things have flipped a bit.
  18. But the 2 or 3 may not be as good as the 1 caused they never trained against the best. You can argue it both ways. Sometimes its just about beating that 1 guy, just ask Fix.
  19. Are you saying it was tougher in Smith's era. Soviets were considered some of the best back then prob cause whoever was their rep had trained with and beat all the other soviet states. Someone who did so couldn't certainly be considered better trained than say a rep from Ukraine or Russia. On the 7 vs 10 its really a very marginal difference when you consider that one guy you might face that could beat you based on the weight. And maybe the 10 weight guys were tougher better cause they were closer to their optimal weight. See you could argue it both ways.
  20. How did he do in his first world competition? How many did he win still in college?
  21. Would DI, DII & DIII be considered tiers?
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