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  1. It is pretty odd that Pearsall was the associate head coach and Valenti hasn’t even been on the wrestling staff. i don’t remember the details, but what was the similar situation that happened with Tirrapelle? I know he became head coach when Reina stepped down, but then I think he was pushed out so Reina could come back?
  2. Even if they can’t lure a guy like Cunningham, I think a guy like Brandvold would be pretty successful. He’s a Wisconsin native who had a great career, has been coaching in college and must have good connections to Wisconsin high school coaches. @scourge165 do you know if Brandvold has a good relationship with Askren. If not, then maybe it’s not much better than Bono, but since Minnesota lands AWA guys I’d imagine he and Askren are on good terms.
  3. When guys transfer at this point in the year where do they train the rest of the semester? There is still 1-2 months before finals.
  4. Brands might not have Iowa at the level most expect, but who else out there would? If I’m the AD, I’m not getting rid of Brands unless there is someone like Cael that I can go after. Who else do people think could make Iowa competitive with PSU at this point?
  5. About 10 years ago or so he was the head coach in waiting when Davis was going to retire. I think Davis decided to stay longer and Prizlaff was pretty upset and interviewed with Michigan. That was not looked on too well by the athletic department. I imagine that still remains true today.
  6. Casey might be an under appreciated key to PSU’s success, but that might be because he is in the perfect role at PSU, which is more hands on in terms of developing talent. If he becomes a head coach, he is going to be doing more leadership type work and less actual wrestling work. It’s just the nature of being the leader of a program. I’m not saying he won’t be a great head coach and make a program very competitive, but I also don’t buy into the idea that his success at PSU is a 1 for 1 carryover to somewhere else. So many factors go into that, level of financial support, admin support etc.
  7. What weight does Lilledahl go and does he redshirt? If he wrestles right away either Davis or Nagao are likely out of the lineup.
  8. I can’t recall another wrestler who consistently beats himself the way he does. The guy either dominates or forces big moves and gets put to his back.
  9. Completely irresponsible, you really should triple check before you post something like that.
  10. Perhaps the pissing on the grave part was too far
  11. I have to admit I appreciate Starocci more now than I used to. That guy puts it out there and backs it up like no other.
  12. I think we have to distinguish between fundamentalist proselytizers and guys that are just religious. Brooks, Carr and Kerk make the All-proselytizer team, with Brooks probably taking OW over Carr (although Carr’s ridiculous homemade headband gives Brooks a good run). Everyone else are just humble to not so humble believers.
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