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Kamala ready to lead


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22 minutes ago, uncle bernard said:

you're just jealous because she's vibing

She's getting excited for the prospect I'm sure.   Can you imagine what she will say to Netanyahu?

Kamala - Hey Beni boy, we haven't gotten to the root causes of this conflict yet.    Until we get to the root causes, we will not find out what the root causes are.

Beni - Whoa, they hate us madam Pres.   They hate us.   That's why they attacked on Oct 7.   They want us wiped.....

Kamala - Hold on there Beni boy.   I don't think you understand.   We need to get to the root causes to root out the causes of this hatred you speak of.   Once we get to those root causes, we can root out the implications for the root causes and start addressing the root causes so this doesn't happen again.  

Beni - Oh we have identified the root causes (oh clueless one - thought bubble).   And we are addressing it as we speak.  

Kamala - But Beni boy - We must identify the root causes so these root causes with documentation that can be documented in a document.   Then we can assist in identifying which root causes can be worked on now, and which root causes may take a little time.   As we say in the US, there is no time like now to work on root causes and their underlying meanings.  

Beni - Thank you Madam President.   The war is now over as Hamas has been decimated.   Now what is this you say about, what was that again?   Oh yes, root causes.   And  why were you talking about it?  I must go now but please discuss this with our Foreign Minister.  


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58 minutes ago, ionel said:

How did Kamala "lead" on the border?

She did a bang up job just ask Mayorkas. She gets high praise for never actually going to the border We will probably have a National if she gets elected .

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15 hours ago, Threadkilla said:

She's Ready!!!   

"She's excited by what can be,  unburdoned by what has been."    


I think she is talking about the stock market.  Thanks to Bidenomics, today I have been unburdened by what had been in my investment account.  

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