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Almost too many to keep track of now.  Wrestlestat compiles an ongoing list:



Tuesday mornings in the beginning of the season are exciting for me, because I am curious to see WrestleStat's updated rankings after accounting for a weekend of activity.  By the end of the season it always seems fairly accurate, but a good amount of movement in early weeks.

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1 hour ago, flyingcement said:


Any relation to Drew and Sarah?

Edit: Looks like Drew and Sarah are from Indiana and John here is from New Jersey

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"I know actually nothing.  It isn't even conjecture at this point." - me



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44 minutes ago, Idaho said:

This might upset a few people, but Jaden Abbas was injured during a match at the Road Runner open. Not sure how serious or if it was just precautionary. 

Guy has had a roller coaster collegiate career.

I hope he heals up well and fast and has no issue(s) finishing his career up.

"I know actually nothing.  It isn't even conjecture at this point." - me



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5 guys from Penn outplaced guys who we thought were the starters. True freshman Max Gallagher a NY state champ beat Ventresca in the semis then beat Ryan Miller in the finals. Miller had beaten him in a wrestle off. Freshman Alex Almyeda won 133 and won ow beating 3 ranked guys. He lost in ot to Coliocco in the wrestle off. Martin Cosgrove a freshman 2 time Jersey state champ beat Cole Urbas for third. He lost to him in the wrestle off. There were a lot of great matches at the Keystone. 

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Just now, 1032004 said:

Is that much of an upset?  They’ve already lost to Duke, VMI, Buffalo and Gardner Webb this year.

Good question.  I don't know how many teams from other divisions would be of a similar caliber to the bottom rung of division one.  If wrestlestat dual rankings are a guide, Gannon is the 18th ranked dual team in D2.  Kent State is 69th in D1

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