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  1. I'm not trying to change your vote and I don't feel offended - I only felt like I would share a different view since I had a glimpse of him from a teammate perspective
  2. He had serious eye condition so seems fair enough right? Almost lost vision in his eye. Furthest thing from a heel I can think of. Source: being his old teammate
  3. Trenge is a questionable choice here. Are you talking about stuff from high school with Jon Sauve?
  4. Let me fish out a video or two if I can. In the meantime, if you view his wrestlestat profile, you will notice an unusual number of INJ or DEF matches
  5. what I saw of him on the mat was a person of character. I ignore those rumors but have heard them to.
  6. Baylor Ferndandes of Northern Colorado intentionally tries to hurt people with non-wrestlling moves on a semi-regular basis. He sucks at wrestling also if that helps him qualify
  7. "Three point takedowns? See if I care."
  8. If Minnow is not relevant to be the coach (high possibility), then he can be color commentator, or director of social media
  9. They had Cael Hughes listed on there instead of Jamison as well - not sure what was up with their lineup. A misdirection from OKST or a bad guess by someone else
  10. for 141, he wasn't an actual heel most of the time, but I will be unlikely to forget Chad Red doing pushups over a D2 kid in an early season match after he decked him
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