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  1. Exactly my thoughts. Unless someone from the Penn staff is leaving for the Buffalo job after being unhappy with the Valenti hire. Otherwise I think Tanelli could be poached by someone
  2. on way to earning third place at VEWL in 1994, I hit a kid from Emmaus with a headlock and his chin hit his collarbone on the way down in a way that left him in a state of immense pain and had to use a stretcher to take him off the mat. i developed a semi-friendship with him over the years and the last match we ever had, he finally beat me for the first time. he ended up taking 6th for Kutztown at PSAC back in the day.
  3. The lack of courage is antithetical to wrestling as a sport
  4. Luke Odom has transferred from Illinois to SIEU where he is slated to be a starter after serving as a backup for the Illini for the last four seasons.
  5. Spelling is in honor of Fleetwood Mac's legendary album. But in terms of actual rumors, there have been posts suggesting that: 1) An Ivy coaching change could send ripples through the coaching carousel 2) Virginia Tech will be announcing a former head coach as a key hire for them (rumor is its Roselli) 3) Oklahoma State will be finalizing their head coach announcement next week. Probably will be Coleman, but a few desperate last minute conversations will take place (and will be unlikely to materialize) 4) Connor McGonagle rumored to be headed to Virginia Tech with Latona bumping up to 141 and Crook redshirting
  6. This brings back nightmares of my middle school teammate (Justin Martin) had a testicle steppped on and squashed (it need to be removed).
  7. new Illinois lineup on Wrestlestat: 125: Attasauov 133: Byrd 141: Pucino 149: Webster 157: Scholes 165: Moore 174: Braunagel 184: Ruth 197: Braunagel 285: Luffman
  8. Logan Sallot from Lock Haven to DII Gannon. Sallot is from Erie, where Gannon is based. With Dorian Crosby, that makes two D1 transfers for the Gannon Golden Knights this off-season
  9. Caleb Coyle from Oregon State to Nebraska-Kearney
  10. I could see Laird Root starting at 165 for UNC as a true freshman this year. Marc Anthony McGowan as a "freshman" who was with Princeton RTC last year and will be at 125 this year for the university.
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