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  1. Can you change Oregon State to orange instead of mauve? That's embarrassing for us.
  2. He knew the condition of the building and what needed to be done - as did I am sure other people did as well. A building does not just get condemned in an instant. Having worked in a variety of roles in education, safety inspections are done at least once a year. This was not a surprise of what work needed to be done and it certainly was not something that suddenly happened. Is it entirely his fault? Probably not. Did he know? I am 100% certain. Is the job of the wrestling program to ensure that the entire building where the practice facility is housed it up to code each year? No - they are only responsible for their program.
  3. What a nightmare.... should have hammered out the office walls in the athletic admin building and set up mats. Sad commentary on the AD at UNI.
  4. You have had 2 to Ionel and 2 to NHS in the last like 5 minutes ..... You went back and looked at all of Ionel's references to you over the last 21 hours...then called him a stalker.... On another note, can you guys stop ruining threads.
  5. "Unless of course he makes a huge off-season jump" - Gus
  6. Which I said I didn't necessarily disagree with but that there were be a couple of spots up for grabs. I believe we just complete the circular argument.
  7. Nope not surprised at all...... but I also wouldn't be surprised if it was filled by Nevills, Trephan, Ghadaili and a few others.
  8. I don't disagree necessarily.... 1-6 are pretty solid and after that any 2 of those ranked 7-33 could end up on the podium.
  9. Exactly... every time a thread comes up about one of these guys becoming a head coach somewhere, it's like there is no thought that what they have going now is much better than the life of a college head coach. Their name alone (i.e. Burroughs, Taylor, etc.) is making them money without the headache of taking on a college program. DT becoming head coach at Iowa is less likely than the real Jimmy coming back to the boards and paying his debt.
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