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  1. Untimely? He is a graduate. Seems pretty timely actually.
  2. You would think a guy would come to this in shape.... If he was in good shape he could have been dangerous.
  3. 2-0 Downey - anyone watching live to give commentary?
  4. Hall will do a fantastic job and I am pulling for him since he is an Idaho kid - Boise State grad and he's coming out West. However, having zero workout partners, being a graduate and going to a known commodity instead of a fresh start up is a no brainer to me.
  5. Surprised that ASU did not land Brockman. He would have been a good fit.
  6. Is Sunkist really shutting down? Crazy if true
  7. Hmmm....you would think that already having a competitive women's team, that managing the same pool (that you already manage) would be less work than managing an entire wrestling program with soggy mats.
  8. Unfortunately, they could easily add mens swimming and diving since they already have women's and it's a conference sport. A cheap sport to add compared to adding baseball. Another men's sport they do not have that the conference sponsors is mens' golf. If you are an AD I can imagine dealing with golf would be much easier than dealing with wrestling. Luckily they are searching for a coach - so they say - which is a good sign for the near future.
  9. I know someone on here you could bet....
  10. As a side note, with the water logged mats and a steamy hot room, did they have those little silver fish bugs that we had in our sauna? Man those guys were quick buggers.
  11. I agree.... those kids are tough. PSU has several potential problems like that.
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