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2 hours ago, flyingcement said:

Bucknell true freshman Noah Mulvaney takes first at the Clarion open with victories over Isaac Wilcox, Josh Ogunsanya, Cooper Noehre, and Michael Pettite.  Watch out for this kid

This is a guy Askren talks about a bunch right?

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The Clarion Open gave us a look at a number of phenomenal young talents with Blaze over Forrest...then Ramos...grabbing our attention (understandably).  But did anyone notice Brandon Cannon (tOSU 141 true frosh)?  Cannon missed half his high school career while battling cancer but he was a phenom early in his career and the time off doesn't seem to have had too much effect.  He was a tough out for Mendez in the wrestleoff and he ran through the field en route to the finals yesterday at Clarion where he'd have faced Mendez again.  Instead they agreed to no contest.


One of the sharper guys on Ohiowrestling.net posted this reminder about Cannon:  " Freshman year. Beast of the east champ over a tough field that included one of the top recruits in his class in Marc Anthony McGowan. Then health issues occurred where he could barely walk and lost 20 pounds and nearly didn’t survive. He took off 22 months of wrestling during a crucial time in his development. Senior year wrestles Ironman in a very very deep bracket and had the 13 seed and tough draw. Tech falls Ohio division 2 state champ. Beats number 4 ranked mason convincingly. Beats Bouzakis convincingly. Beats number one Bailey and only loses a one point decesion to kannon Webster. Wrestled four straight top 7 nationally ranked kids. The same Webster who defeated mendes this past offseason. Of course you want to see him prove it at the college level in opens but his body of evidence is that he is a very elite wrestler and probably has more upside than any other recruit bc he didn’t wrestle half his high school career."

When I watched him yesterday, he reminded me of, well, Blaze.  Doesn't look like much but he has excellent technique and his pace and pressure tends to wear down opponents including the #2 seed whom he defeated rather easily.  


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36 minutes ago, silvermedal2 said:

But did anyone notice Brandon Cannon

Good kid, Great story. He's going to get left out of most conversations though just for the fact that he's not a starter. Hopefully he gets to wrestle at all the 'opens' and gets his five RS dates.  Buckeyes had a good opening weekend.  The freshman looked good. Rogotzke is a pinner. Rocco looked great. Feldman is quick and slick to that low shot. Paddy may have had more takedowns yesterday than all of last season.  Kharch injured again...

36 minutes ago, silvermedal2 said:

One of the sharper guys on Ohiowrestling.net

There's more than one?:classic_dry:


Welcome to IF @silvermedal2💪

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