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2023 World Wrestling tournament...

D3 for LU

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That Geno match reminds me of Musukaev first match off the scale saving for the rest of the day and looking not as good as he should. Either way the stand and stall fest finally ends. But I will say this: if he didn't run out of room on the gut series he would have had the quick second period tech before entirely shutting down

i am an idiot on the internet

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    Anthony Rinehart

    Crown Point, Indiana
    Class of 2025
    Committed to California Baptist
    Projected Weight: 165

    Luke Satriano

    Valley Central, New York
    Class of 2025
    Committed to West Virginia
    Projected Weight: 125, 133

    Evan Boblits

    St. Mary's Ryken, Maryland
    Class of 2025
    Committed to Navy
    Projected Weight: 149

    Gavin Jendreas

    Crown Point, Indiana
    Class of 2025
    Committed to Indiana
    Projected Weight: 125, 133

    Devon Miller

    Edmond North, Oklahoma
    Class of 2025
    Committed to North Carolina
    Projected Weight: 133
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