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  1. So far from his recent results... AND if he continues that trend, I would say a big fat "probably." Vito Arujau is still the favorite imho. D3
  2. I was surprised that Luke Stanich wrestled (sad that he lost... but definitely liked his aggressiveness on the mat!) D3
  3. REALLY fat fingers on my part there! tanxs again, gimp! D3
  4. Taylor takes the match 4-3. Final 25-12. D3
  5. Beard w/ a TD and a 4pt tilt after 1... D3
  6. Besides Smith, do you know who the other three was, gimp? D3
  7. Zip-zip after one... Thompson takes down to start the 2nd... Gets a E there. D3
  8. According to LEHIGH's roster... Thayne Lawrence has SO. eligibility/ SR yr. D3
  9. Apparently... LU budget limits the amount of backups flying to the dual. Oh well... D3
  10. HEY, Logan gets a TD... good for him. 14-5 Olejnik. 18-4 OSU. D3
  11. Olejnik vs Logan... not good for LU at this time. D3
  12. Good ride by Travis after the decider TD. Tip of the cowboy hat to him. D3
  13. 0-0 after one... Brignola is down to start the 2nd. D3
  14. 10-5 Williams over Munch... OSU up 11-4. D3
  15. TF over a 125 lb'er, the Cowboys salute U... 8-4 OSU. D3
  16. OSU trainers tagged Hines w/ a skin infection? Hmmmm. Pat Santoro putting out Smith (125'er) instead of forfeiting 141... gutsy! D3
  17. 11-2 majorD for Crookham... 4-3 LEHIGH. D3
  18. ... you're living the Life of Riley! D3
  19. ^^^^ Well, it is certainly good that we got THAT established... tanxs ionel. D3
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