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  1. How do you figure? In the 2-year period 2020–2021: For the 20–29 age group, the real median annual earnings of: White, non-Hispanic men were 34% higher than Black, non-Hispanic men and 16% higher than Hispanic men. Asian men were 34% higher than Black, non-Hispanic men and 15% higher than Hispanic men. For the 50–59 age group, the real median annual earnings of: White, non-Hispanic men were 49% higher than Black, non-Hispanic men and 53% higher than Hispanic men. Asian men were 67% higher than Black, non-Hispanic men 71% higher than Hispanic men. SOURCE: Social Security Administration (SSA) calculations using SSA earnings data linked to Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement public-use files.
  2. Me and my fellow white men are so tired of how hard it is to be a white male in this country. That senior vice president making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year isn't gonna take it anymore.
  3. Forgot to post my meat porn from Father's Day. Son in law smoked ribs and then finished them on my grill. Daughter brought hot links from Paulina Market (sausage kings of Chicago). Salad is grilled corn and grilled peppers. And finished the day with a local-ish bourbon, J Henry Small Batch.
  4. Yeah, I read that one of two ways, depending on the situation. Sometimes, some people just do not get it and they think the schools do pay. And sometimes people use the terms loosely given that there is differing levels of coordination that goes on between the coaches and the boosters/collectives, so people use the terms interchangeably.
  5. Colleges do not pay NIL, third parties do. If Sorrentino wanted to pay Ferrari to wrestle somewhere, as of now he could. While there is an NCAA rule against pay to play arrangements, there is also a temporary injunction in place blocking the rule from being enforced.
  6. Especially if he tries checking Staroci's oil using the dipstick
  7. Are we sure he has three years left? Are we willing to take his word for it? It is not like he has been working with a school compliance officer for the past several years. And it hinges on whether last year was considered an Olympic RS by the NCAA or just by AJ. I am very curious if that is the case. The way the rule is written implies that it is not the case. The rule requires a vote of the "Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement, or a committee designated by it". Was AJ's case voted on? Can it be voted on retrospectively? Or is this like Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy?
  8. Whenever this happens to me (somewhat often), I DM Bob and he clears out my old attachments.
  9. Oh, I get what you were claiming to attempt to do, but your last sentence reveals the lie. Shit is shit. You can polish the turd, make it shiny and pretty, but it is still shit.
  10. Happy Father's Day everyone. Enjoy your families.
  11. I am a huge fan of the drama. And a Tesla shareholder. The issue with the comp is highly technical. The Delaware Chancery court ruled that the first shareholder vote was flawed in that it failed to correctly disclose the inherent conflicts in granting massive amounts of options to an effectively controlling shareholder. Tesla's theory is that by having a second vote they can address the flaw, role back time to 2018, and re-issue the options. But it is not at all clear they can. If they cannot then his option grants are very in-the-money, causing Tesla to have a huge tax liability. And to make him whole (sort of) they would need to issue many more options given the decline in stock price. At the end of the day, he did what they asked in order to earn the options (and then some), so I am sympathetic to his argument, but that does not mean the court will be.
  12. It is hard to say how much they care, but this much I know. You get what you measure, but only exactly what you measure. If ADs are measured on winning then they will spend whatever it takes to win. Combine that with the fact that live sports entertainment is the world's most valuable broadcast commodity and it really is inevitable that private equity and advertisers will take notice.
  13. Elon is not out of the woods yet on the pay package. The accounting is different now than it was back then.
  14. The Big 12 is in preliminary talks to take an $800 million to $1 billion investment from a private equity fund in exchange for 15% - 20% ownership of the conference, according to The Athletic. The Big 12 is also considering selling naming rights. Allstate is considered the front runner, making the potential future name of the conference the Allstate 12. It is believed the naming rights could sell for nine figures. If it happens (still an if at this point, but doesn't it feel inevitable?) it will set up some interesting conflicts. On the one hand, you have more money. Hurray. Wrestling is saved. On the other hand, you have a new partner, who cares not at all for things like the educational mission of the member schools or money losing sports like not-football/basketball. Uh oh. That the money moves from the conference to the schools and the schools get to decide how to use it, presumably takes care of the second scenario, but no one is better at creatively structuring contracts than private equity funds and hedge funds. As a matter of fact, I could argue that the real value add of private equity has nothing to do with their assets and everything to do with how they structure and finance their assets (i.e. contracts).
  15. Do you not realize that you posted 100 tweets?
  16. How to guarantee no one will read what you post. Make it this long.
  17. It happens more often than you realize. Countries default and markets have short memories, so they are able to return to the market and borrow more money. Of course, the interest rates are high, but not as high as you might think.
  18. That part, strangely, is not true. Take Argentina for example. They have defaulted on their debt nine times. Most recently, they defaulted in 2014 and then successfully (and hilariously) sold a 100 year bond just three years later in 2017, which they then also defaulted on in 2020.
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