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  1. 2.2 points at 174 with Kennedy ranked 14. And I would say 1 Ferrari and Kueter are looking pretty likely. I am fading AJ until I actually see he is enrolled.
  2. They also should get credit for being the clear second best coaches in wrestling. That is something I think gets missed too often.
  3. Where was he on the Big Board? And how old is Willie, anyway?
  4. None of the freshmen heavies won their freshman year, but you have guys like Steveson, Snyder, Parris, and Coon in the group. That is why I assumed a ceiling of third.
  5. So what you meant to say was one Penn State injury plus 30% of Iowa being replaced, which is different than Iowa. OK, let's say we replace 30% of Iowa. Right now Iowa is looking at a 58 point deficit to Penn State if you assume Penn State scores zero at 149 (maybe, maybe not). What is realistic for Anthony Ferrari? Probably low AA at the highest. Call it 6th to 8th. Why? He was 23rd on the 2022 Big Board. Between 2013 and 2021 there were 45 guys between 21 and 25 on the Big Board, and in their 165 cumulative seasons they have 22 AA's. So call it a 13% to AA (and that is generous given that most of the 22 AAs happened after their first season). So, roughly 7 or 8 points max. The deficit is now 50. What is realistic for AJ? On the plus side, he has a title under his belt. On the minus side, he has not wrestled in years, he is not enrolled, and he is reported to be much heavier than 197. So call him 0 to 20 points. Who knows? Now the deficit is 30 with some very rosy assumptions. What is realistic for Kueter? Kueter comes in as a top 10 BB (#6), and these guys tend to have monster careers. Among these 90 athletes there are 9 who won it as freshmen. Of course, none of them skipped first semester in the room, but whatever. Let's say he has a 10% chance to win it all, he also has a 30% chance of never AAing (as has happened with 18 of the 60 who have finished their career). Is third a realistic ceiling? Not likely, but sure. That cuts the deficit to 17. With a Brooks or Starocci injury now we are even. All it took was to assume three wrestlers who are not currently part of the team (two not even enrolled in school), one of whom is actually practicing a different sport, to maximize their potential ALL AT THE SAME TIME (which is? an Iowa trait at NCAA's), and an injury to one of two specific wrestlers. Well, you have me convinced.
  6. Right now they are one NC State and one Missouri injury away from challenging for second. They are still that plus three or four more Penn State injuries away from challenging for first.
  7. Where are people finding regular season match results for wrestlers in the pre-wrestlestat era? I was looking for Michael Lightner who from 1998 - 2001 lost to three champions in the tournament (Mark Ironside, Doug Schwab, and Carl Perry), but I cannot find who his other 12 loses are to.
  8. I always thought Legend and Chance were interesting juxtapositional choices for two kids' names.
  9. Then how do you know if it is right? This was typed by WKN's wife. He is having DT shakes right now and cannot type.
  10. I like at the end when the nazi tells Brad Pitt he will be court martialed for shooting the nazi's driver and Pitt responds, "Nah. I'll be chewed out. I been chewed out before."
  11. How is this for Elon Musk news? SpaceX holds periodic tenders to provide liquidity for its employees and early investors (SpaceX being private means they cannot sell any time they please). The last tender valued SpaceX at $150 billion. The next tender is said to value it at $175 billion, on par with T Mobile, Nike, or China Mobile.
  12. As reported by The Athletic, seven states (West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Colorado, New York, North Carolina, and Tennessee) filed suit in federal court today, challenging the NCAA's transfer eligibility rules as an illegal restraint on college athletes under the Sherman Antitrust Act. They want a permanent injunction against the rule, but are also seeking a preliminary injunction via a temporary restraining order. If granted it would likely render any D1 athlete immediately eligible to participate. It effectively would remove the limitations on second transfers.
  13. He deleted my response too. Where is the outcry in the Twitter thread about my freedom of speech?
  14. Amen. If they are looking for a place to park the $100 large, I can help.
  15. When you said "winner of D (Yianni I assume) and Lee" I assumed you were assuming about the winner rather than the identity since it is well known who is wrestling Lee.
  16. Hs says a lot of things. Like "I don't like to get politocal, but..." That but is the signal that the second half of the sentence will expose the lie of the first half of the sentence. And what is someone who doesn't want to get political doing on TV like a...oh, what is the word?....oh, right....like a politician?
  17. I know which companies he mentioned, but whobare the billionaires?
  18. He is not talking about Disney stock. He is talking about Disney bonds.
  19. Who are the gang of billionaires? He used pronouns instead of names because the only billionaire involved is Elon Musk. You could take every sentence he said and substitute Elon Musk in for every pronoun and it would make as much, or more sense.
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