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Twitter is better


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4 hours ago, GreatWhiteNorth said:

The disgusting one where you claim the US is behind the 9/11 attacks!? 


That was a miserable post. You are a POS for making the claim. You can't hide it from it, you posted it.

You’re name is not, per chance, Richard?  

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1 hour ago, BobDole said:

Per Elon, he is floating the idea of charging a small monthly fee to thwart bots


I would guess that will hurt the brand greatly. 

Which one?  He can easily revert to Twitter.  Or add the s, e and y to get some synergy with Tesla.

Technical question.  Now that Twitter is dead, does my autocorrect need to leave it all lower case?

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What is an Elon Musk personal guarantee worth? For that matter, what is an Elon Musk contractural guarantee worth?

Apparently, in order to save $1bn in cash and get the deal done, Musk gave a free put struck at the deal price to Jack Dorsey to keep Dorsey invested, thereby saving Musk from also having to buy Dorsey's $1bn stake. But what does that even mean?

No one knows if it is a verbal agreement or written. But given Musk's unwillingness to honor contracts, it is not clear if the form matters.

Musk is also eternally short of cash (hence the need for the free put), so now Dorsey has both Musk's credit risk and his hatred of honoring contracts to deal with. 

Nothing to do with Twitter being better per se (except that if it is maybe Dorsey doesn't need to exercise the put), but boy if I was Fidelity or any other shareholder, I sure would be ticked that a director of the company who was suing Musk to make him pay up also got a side deal put worth hundreds of millions in order to not take any downside risk on the deal.

It is always entertaining with Musk.

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1 hour ago, jross said:

X better listen.  Can’t prevent everything but can address what they discover.

What is the solution? No company or organization wants any association whatsoever with organizations or individuals like that.  That type of organization is only going to increase in number.

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Just now, BobDole said:

I love how every article says "Twitter (now known as X)" in it. Should we continue to deadname X or let it change to it's preferred name? This is a big conundrum.

I noticed that too...wonder how long it last

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