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  1. We can also create a club specifically for your group to discuss things and do the business. That might be a good way to keep things separated.
  2. This can be a state by state thing, my state association director said the "first" loss counts. Here are the scenarios and responses for tournaments only 1. Wrestler A is injured during the quarter-finals, but completes the match and ends up winning. He ends up defaulting to 6th place. Result: The semi-final loss is taken on the record, but NOT considered a head to head victory for any of the default victories. 2. Wrestler A is injured in the semi-finals during a match during legal wrestling action and cannot continue, thus losing by default. He does not continue and defaults to 6th. Result: The loss in the semi-finals counts on both wrestler's record, the losses in the consolations do NOT count on the defaulting wrestler's record. See more below. 3. Wrestler A is injured after an illegal move in the quarter-finals and wins via injury default. He proceeds to default to 6th place. Result: A win on the wrestler's record for the quarter-final win, the loss also on the other wrestler's record. No other losses attributed to the wrestler who was injured. See more below. In terms of if it counts as a head to head victory. 2. This is a tricky case, technically yes it does. However, good judgement should be taken into account. I was in a meeting where a kid lost on blood time with the score 0-0 and no more than a minute into the match. The losing wrestler was perceived to be better. The coach who won would not concede and wanted the higher seed. Unfortunately it did not help him. If the wrestler is winning and ends up losing you should take that into account and coaches who play the system like that are only hurting everyone else. 3. This should be considered a head to head victory. However, the winning coach can use good judgement in the case that the losing wrestler was better and there was no intent on injuring the wrestler. As far as the scenario of advancing to the finals and "no-showing" that should count as a loss on the record, but not a head to head.
  3. Yes The caveat is only major things such as choices between periods and nothing that would exploit the weakness of the opponent unless the kid figures it out first.
  4. The view counts rival UWW, except these are of relatively unknown high school kids.
  5. Amazing that someone with the email address "@innocent.com" is posting here defending the creeps.
  6. BobDole

    Luke Simcox

    Central Mountain
  7. 9,100 points is needed to become an NCAA champion. You are at 8,384 points right now. Keep working hard, Rome wasn't built in a day.
  8. The legs in headlock stall ride by Chris Perry. Now it is a count for a stall. Seems Oklahoma State wrestlers are the ones involved in most of these changes.
  9. I believe they used the new 14 set last year and maybe the year before. But yes they used the old old weights for a while. Michigan still doesn't have indoor plumbing in half the state too.
  10. 42 states including National Preps use the 14 weight set across the county. I would say use those, but I'm just a dead senator. 4 states are using the 13 weight set(Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania) 1 state(Alaska) is using the 1996ish weight set(103, 112, 119, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152, 160, 171, 189, 215, 285) Idaho has 15 weights, the old set plus 98lbs New York uses the NFHS 12 weight set plus 101lbs Montana has a modified set of weights(103, 113, 120, 126, 132, 138, 145, 152, 160, 170, 182, 205, 285)
  11. Using 170/182 is dumb. Pretty much the whole country other than a state or two are using the new weights.
  12. Those tournaments went into paper and pencil mode and don't care to update the brackets.
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