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  1. Columbia's Babin (#27) pinned by unranked Anderson of UNI. UNI's Happel (#6) pinned by unranked Owen of Columbia.
  2. That's not what he said. He said that Crooham will probably be a title threat, but he believes that Vito is still the favorite.
  3. That article showed up between when I posted and when you looked at their site. Three possibles listed for OSU at 133.
  4. The teams I follow all produce match notes prior to competition. Said notes typically include projected starters. OSU is wrestling Lehigh tomorrow and there is nothing (no notes, no press release) on their web site on the match.
  5. Just looked for and found the OSU forum, where I found this (no idea as to its accuracy, of course): Apparently, that's taken from the even less-reliable Minnow: And are Match Notes not a thing at Oklahoma State?
  6. Julian Ramirez has also beaten two national champs (Griffith and now Carr), while not (yet) reaching the podium.
  7. Four philosophers are on a train in Scotland, where they observe a black sheep on a hill. The first philosopher exclaims "All sheep in Scotland are black!". The second philosopher says "There is at least one sheep in Scotland that is black!". The third philosopher smugly says "There is at least one sheep in Scotland that is black on at least one side!" The fourth philosopher then says "There is at least one sheep in Scotland that is black on at least one side...at least some of the time."
  8. Ivy schools also don't allow wrestlers to be enrolled in school if not competing without losing a year of eligibility. Logan didn't lose a year of competition to COVID, nor was he good enough to qualify for an Olympic red shirt, so that's two years right there for Arujau. Maybe Cornell can use this as *their* selling point: lots of their wrestlers leave with experience competing and winning on the international stage! Judging by recent recruiting results for Cornell, Lehigh needs to do something more to sell the Bethlehem experience than tout their ability to enroll while redshirting and competing as a graduate student. Those drawbacks don't seem to be hurting Cornell too much.
  9. Got it. You think that he was gassed in a dual meet against Sacred Heart in less than two minutes, because he adjusted his kneepad and singlet and took his time returning to the center of the mat. He did this in all his matches last year, and he then went on to win the U20 US Open and the U20 World Championship despite his conditioning issue. Here's him gassed all of :23 seconds into his first match at the U20 world championship. How he managed to get through the day is truly impressive what with all his conditioning issues.
  10. I'm as big a fan of Shapiro as anyone, and even I have never said he'd be an undefeated freshman NCAA champ. Whoever said that hasn't seen Haines wrestle, for instance. It seems pretty clear that he is a title contender this year.
  11. Shapiro *always* does the "adjust the kneepads and singlet" strategy in all his matches, all the time. I've seen enough of his matches to realize this. Here's Shapiro a couple of weeks ago, 1:30 into a match against Sacred Heart, doing just that (pretty sure he wasn't already gassed). So he gassed in a match against Bryce Andonian, in which he gets an early escape in the second period, avoids stalling and giving up a takedown and gets a late second period takedown and rides out, then gets a TD a minute into the third period, gets 2NF, and rides out the rest of the period? Sounds legit. The ref gave the concussion signal in Shapiro's second *loss*. About a minute in, but hey, he was gassing.
  12. From the rule book (emphasis added): Certainly, Cornell staff has had plenty of concussion experience with both Foca and Ramirez suffering multiple concussions two seasons ago.
  13. Beats me. That is the sign for concussion protocol, correct? Certainly all was not well with Shapiro, right?
  14. What do you think the ref is doing here in that match?
  15. Gosh, people improve. Who might have guessed?
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