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Should Sadulaev go back to 86k?


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On 9/23/2023 at 10:39 AM, Lleynor said:

I have always wondered how things would've been for him at 86 and Yaz staying at 74. 

I think Sadulaev had to go up. But I think Yaz still looks like he could drop back to 74. As good as he is at 86, he was otherworldly at 74. That was his ideal weight, IMO. 

On the basis of transitive properties, Yaz ain't beating the guy who couldn't lose to Taylor.

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I never thought Sadulaev was a full sized 97 kg. He’s obviously not super lean at that weight. 86 is probably a tough cut for him. I’d guess 92 is about ideal, but he’s not going in a non-Olympic weight. He hasn’t had to make the cut to be successful, so why do it? Now he might need to though. It’s tough competition either way, but I honestly think 86 would be a better weight for him. That’s just by the eyeball test and no inside information though. 

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17 hours ago, D3 for LU said:

That's Just Priceless!

May I borrow that phrase for any future topic that will arise?

(GOLD!... that's just pure GOLD!  😁😂😁 Really!)


This is the internet and I would be disappointed if you didn’t steal it then claim it as your own

i am an idiot on the internet

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