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2023 World Wrestling tournament...

D3 for LU

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@WildTurk, I wrote an article a long time ago about the first Iranian women's team to attend the grappling world championships. They actually won a few medals. This was around the time that "Wrestling Diplomacy" had opened up their country, with American teams traveling to Iran and Iranian teams traveling to America.

But the Iranian women never returned. 

Hardliners in Iran took over, and the politics have gotten chilly. I was hoping with the Women's Revolution in Iran this past year that things would change for wrestling and grappling but so far nothing--although I did see a reference to Iranian women winning a 2019 no-belt championship--whatever that is. 

As you can see in the picture below, the ladies did wear a hijab, but their faces were uncovered. 


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Zac Braunagel wins his first-round match against Turkmenistan! He was down early because his failed throw was turned into two for the Turkmen, then he was hit for passivity. Then, Zac went to work wearing out his opponent. He got pushout after pushout until he got his own passivity point, then he hit a four-point throw on the edge. His opponent challenged and lost. Final 8-3 for Zac! 

He's got a living legend in the next round, the multi-Olympic and World medalist from Ukraine, Zhan Beleniuk. So, he can shock the world or get some repechage action. GO ILLINI RTC! 


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I didn't see Zac's second match against the current Olympic Gold Medalist and previous Olympic Silver and multiple World Championship medalist Zhan Beleniuk of Ukraine because I was busy working on this:



But according to Coach Medlin, it was a 1-5 loss for the Brawlnagel that probably tuckered out the Ukrainian. I hope we don't see "Brent Metcalf Syndrome," where you wear out your opponent so much they lose their next round match. Rather, hoping for repechage. Still, you gotta respect the fact that Brawny will put up his best against the best and not lay down. 

In his last three international matches, Zac has faced two MULTIPLE Olympic and World Medalists, and the cumulative score for both matches is 2 for the good guy and 7 for the bad guys. And he's just starting. 

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CHINA'S COACH: WTF were you thinking? (but in Chinese).



FOLKSTYLE FANS: Sancho needs to develop a leg attack. He never ONCE touched China's leg.

ESPN: We are the World Leader in SOME SPORTS.

ME:  I'm going to open a new wrestling camp: The ILLINI Wrestling Blog and Forum and Beyond Intensive Three-Week Interlocking Fingers Camp. 

SANCHO: Movin' on! 


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