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2023 World Wrestling tournament...

D3 for LU

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47 minutes ago, WrestlingRasta said:

For all the logistic issues that were mentioned above, and true as they are, a ranking series or any true major event here in the States is that same logistical issue for every country in Europe/Asia. 

Hmmm, OK, but that's not an argument. There are challenges to having a house party in most parts of the world, and those problems don't disadvantage athletes living in the timezones of the Americas.

If we want parity, which is a winning argument, then ranking series events need to spread more evenly across timezones, right?

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9 hours ago, Jeff Waters said:

 There are no words to describe how bright her future is.  I know it is early but if she is able to handle the weight she is on a path to be one of our greatest ever.

I'm completely on board! 

As an eager fan, I wish we were seeing her at an Olympic weight this year. As someone who works with people her age for a living, I respect that she's competing at her optimum weight. 

Compared to her complete destruction of girls her age at the Junior level, her Senior performance looks less polished while still conquering the World - as expected. 

She'll be 20 in January. She's still getting stronger, which is kinda scary. Wrestlers usually peak in their mid 20s. Looking at the profiles of the Olympic women in 2020(1),  they compete later into their 30s. I don't know whether that's a physical attribute or a historical factor, given that women's wrestling is more recent, and the experience of veterans might outweigh the eagerness of youth.

Worst case scenario: She takes some lumps at whichever Olympic weight, and we're stuck with her winning multiple world medals as a tweener

Absolute worse: she pulls a Gobble Steveson and gets hungry for something else

Hopeful (and likely) scenario: She anchors our women's team through 2036 at age 32, or 2040 at age 36. 

Best case scenario: 19 Senior Medals, 5 Olympic

If she ever takes a loss as an adult, I'll be exceptionally curious to see what she does with that. 


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12 hours ago, ILLINIWrestlingBlog said:

Please select another stream. 

What I saw on the Flo (UWW) stream was a Folk-style misstep from Koontz - Instead of chopping at the knee to take his off-balance opponent to his back, he posted on the upper thigh while doing that.

I don't know enough about Greco leg fouls to make an argument, but Koontz absolutely touched a leg in that exchange.  



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Bey up 2-0 at the break. His first score was a pushout from a nasty underhook. His second was an activity point. Bey worked hard but couldn't turn or throw the Fin. 

Second period, it was Bey who went for a headlock throw. It was nasty, but it was also caught by Sarkkinen. He pushed Kamal Bey down for two. Later, Bey was called passive and put down. That made it 3-2 for the Fin, but he couldn't turn or throw the American. 

With a minute to go, down by a point, Bey got two takedowns to win 7-3. The additional point was a challenge lost. 

Go America!

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I love to watch Pat Smith wrestle (even though he's from Minnesota) because he's such a dude. Down 7-0 at the break because he caught the Pole's arm throw--until he didn't--followed by a passivity call and a turn. 

Then, it was all Smith time! Even though his opponent was adept at trying an arm throw whenever he was in trouble, and the ref never penalized him for it, Smith pushed him out and then pushed him out, then got a takedown and then got the pin. Go America! 

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What is with the Serbian GR wrestlers hairstyles?

One had cornrows earlier, the Serb now wrestling on Mat C w/ a ponytail on the top of his head... trying to look like a berserker?!?



Edited by D3 for LU

Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

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