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  1. Penn State is a National All Star Team by design
  2. Glazier looks much improved this year. I would be interested to watch him wrestler Warner now.
  3. He is an above average coach. In 26 years he has 0 Team titles. 2 podium finishes(3rd and 4th) and 6 wrestlers win individual titles. Or is it 7? I'd have to check.
  4. The BIG10 is so dominant it should have 3 coaches on your list and we all know who they are.
  5. He sounded real humble in his interview with Flo when he was "sick" last night. Shows up for the interview to talk smack about Griffith but can't wrestle. Outstanding
  6. Missouri always looks good this time of year.
  7. It's better than sitting there like a door knob
  8. I just remember watching Spencer maul him a few times. So I was wondering if you meant mental or physical toughness. It's all good
  9. In the post you just quoted of mine I said Ben would gas him out in the first and then BK would be on the move getting to his leg attacks thereafter. You pretty much just agreed with me. He can still live on the legs in the 2nd and 3rd period. So no, I am not wrong.
  10. Well I do. Maybe not the first period while he wears him down. After that Ben would be on the move
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