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  1. This could be Mizzou’s best team in awhile. The addition of Wyatt would be fantastic in Como. We are without KOT and Rocky Elam after this year, so I wouldn’t blame Coach Smith for going all out to try and send them out with a trophy.
  2. He did, but was a finalist the year before his first year after transferring. He was also hurt.
  3. Eierman would’ve finished in as a finalist regardless of the school, Mizzou or Iowa. The weight had cleared out and him and Lee were clearly the top guys.
  4. Mizzou lost out on Wyatt Duchateau, I was hoping Wolbert became a Tiger.
  5. I understand this and have no dog in the fight. Thing is, we don’t know what Whiting would’ve/could’ve done at B12 or NCAAS. My argument was he earned the spot via wrestle-offs or whatever criteria Mizzou has and out of nowhere it was taken away for whatever reason. What’s done is done, and he’s most likely moving on. Time will tell how it works out. My concern only was that if he was done wrong, and I don’t know the details, is how it would look to other AWA recruits and if it could potentially hurt Mizzou chances in recruiting down the road. To lose a top 40 recruit and 4x state champ always leaves a sting on any program not PSU.
  6. Has nothing to do with Hawks personally. I don’t know any of them outside of being a fan. What I saw is Whiting beat both as mentioned before, he then wrestled in the starter spot for most of the year only to have Smith give that spot to Hawks for the post season. Why, no clue it just happened. Im from Mo, St Charles to be exact and not Wisconsin. I’ve been watching Hawks since his Holt days. However, I am excited to see Sinclair, whether that’s 184/197. What concerns me is the details of how it went down, details I don’t know, but this could be potentially bad for Smith regarding AWA guys. If and I’m not saying it was done wrongly will this turn or change how AWA guys feel towards the program costing Mo recruits down the road.
  7. Man that’s terrible how Smith did him at the end of the year. It was his spot, he earned it beating out both Hawks and Harmon. Sad to see him go.
  8. I’d be interested in what Whiting was weighing in at this year. He looked like a full sized 184. Is 174 possible for him? I think KOT goes 174, and one of Hawks/Whiting sit. Harmon saw the light, he wrestled some at 174, so if KOT wasn’t moving up, and Harmon wasn’t beating Whiting or Hawks I see why he hit the portal.
  9. Thanks for the info. I’m excited for him to get on campus. Can’t wait to see him represent Mizzou. Do you know his plans weight wise, 174-197 seem plausible or more 184/197?
  10. Sinclair is registered for the last chance at 86kg, after wrestling 220 all Sr year. I get a RS is probably highly likely, but I’m wondering if 184/197 are his plans. 184 is kinda a log jam, but 197 Div1 isn’t the same as 220 Wisconsin High school wrestling. Honestly I think he could beat both Whiting and Hawks if Smith lets him go as a Freshman.
  11. Scott Barker, Finalist at Mizzou transfers to Oregon. He was kicked off the team so idk if he counts.
  12. I believe Wyatt said it’s not happening and he’s solely focused on freestyle now.
  13. No clue what weight he weighed in at, but Askren said the AWA guys wanted to wrestle different weights so that they could see how many Champs could come from AWA and not have to take each other out. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sinclair was an 184 easy right now. How that works out with Hawks and Whiting I don’t know, but if I’m Smith and Sinclair wants to go asap, you have to start the #1 ranked 220 period.
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