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  1. 197 has some good wrestlers outside of Brooks and Hidley. I’d add Buchanan, Sloan and Ferrari who is said to have enrolled at Iowa yesterday with his brother. Pretty deep weight. Brooke is the favorite on paper but anyone of the others could be this years Marcus Coleman.
  2. Not sure the story on Rocky. Whatever it is, he will get in straightened out sooner or later. I’m wondering if Smith is giving guys meets off to keep them fresh. Not a terrible idea. Seems like Seltzer is having a rough time with weight management.
  3. Rocky was up 4-0 with over 2 min of riding time, gave up a late TD.
  4. Couple backups in for Mizzou. Surtin with a good win over Volk in OT.
  5. Edmond, Rath, Steed that would be a above average lower/middle three
  6. I believe he won his last title at 160. I get it though, still growing as a High School Junior. So maybe you are correct, an he slides into 165. I’m just excited, a big time recruit possibly becoming a Tiger is pretty cool.
  7. He’s a 65er? Thought I saw 49/57. Either way, if it happens he joins us, I’ll be ecstatic.
  8. I don’t have an official list, but I’ve heard Mizzou, Nebraska and PSU in no particular order.
  9. He’s announcing his commitment tonight via Rokfin. Speculation here, but Coach Smith of Mizzou posted Huge news last night. Could Rath be coming to Mizzou? Huge if that’s the case.
  10. How much of a difference are the requirements to attend(be admitted) to a D1 over a D2 or NAIA? Do the admissions requirements change as you go up levels? If so I’m sure that could be apart of the reason for enrollment droppage.
  11. I to was going to bring this up, but decided not to. He won and got first, but he didn’t look like his normal self. Couple hard tough matches, Semis and Finals. Never in much danger but he wasnt aggressive after getting the first TDs. Maybe illness or an injury had him out. But I found it questionable that he didn’t go against OU but went today. Also, really hoping Sneeds injury to his elbow or arm isn’t that serious. He was giving Zerban a great match before getting hurt. Also why no Mizzou wrestlers at 65 and 74? Maybe the 5 match limit and they are saving em for another time, but no way some of the non true freshman shouldn’t be put in to fill those spots. As far as Seltzer goes, mind blowing is all I can say. Most including me thought he’d be performing better. Still time to right the ship, but as of now, we have some holes.
  12. Figured as much once a poster earlier said he was a top 10 recruit. According to the brackets he Tech’d Hawks and beat Harman 7-4.
  13. He won, 4/3 or 5/3. Tough match vs the Minny wrestler.
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