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  1. Seems odd to be listed on twitter...
  2. Rumblings coach Tervel's house is for sale in Lincoln.....
  3. Anyone he doesn't agree with he boots
  4. Andrews not davis* at heavy
  5. Nebraska Smith 125 Van dee 133 Hardy 141 Lovett 149 157 Taylor 165 wilson/comidditti 174 Wilson/commidditti 184 Pinto 197 Allred Heavyweight .. davis
  6. Lounder for those in the back! Best team ever?? Lol lol. 149 on down average... seems right. Sorry homers
  7. Not sure if you seen the bracket at 174. But Wilson had Devos on the ropes
  8. They knew he WASNT going to wrestle, that's the point
  9. He's a big reason for it. Wrestling "the best" wrestlers in the country 15 times a year is ridiculous. How will the average fan ever take interest in that.
  10. Manning is tired of Cael doing whatever the hell he wants
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