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  1. Karmmmaaaa. Nebraska has 4 coaches better than him
  2. Not eligible at this time. Will be at semester Husker coach recently added him though..
  3. Not sure the day he certified. He should be eligible around January if it was a week or so ago
  4. Realistically probably won't see him until January, which should be doable. Even a little bit of improvement at heavyweight makes nebraska a much deeper lineup
  5. If not more. Either way a better option
  6. Yeah I'd assume he'd beat andrews. And maybe it's why pentz left? Maybe this has been in the works
  7. If he's rostered there is intent for him to wrestle. Holy crap man.....
  8. Exactly what I am saying. Others seem to think differently.
  9. Why is he listed on here then....? He was not earlier in the year...
  10. Nebraska wouldn't list him on there if he didn't plan on wrestling??
  11. I just did some digging. Nah is listed on track wrestling!! No weight listed?? Can anyone explain this
  12. That's still aways out. Kicker might be when football spring practice starts
  13. There's been rumblings even before this. He has a long off season. It could happen
  14. I agree. However with nebraska not making a bowl game, it gives him more time to adjust his body if he chooses to
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