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UWW Awards 2022

Mike Parrish

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Mike and I share different opinions and beliefs on the non-wrestling forums. But at the end of the day, we are all part of the same wrestling community. We support each other and pay it forward to the next generation of wrestlers.  For example, Eric Akin sold me his wrestling mats at a significant discount for my son.  I gave those mats to a new youth wrestler last year.  I mentioned that my daughter started wrestling this year to Mike, and Mike sent wrestling swag and provided feedback on her wrestling.  My daughter laughed when I told her I bicker with a World Champ's father, and he had a surprise for her.  My daughter quickly fell in love with the sport, and DP is easily her favorite wrestler.

At worlds, I was impressed with Dom's ability to finish shots and her no-panic defense discipline in winning close matches.  From watching interviews/clips... Dom seems happy, confident, and well-supported. Kudos to Mike and her.  How very different this is from another father/son combo that used to be on this forum.

It's great to have MP on the forum, his support for women's wrestling, and his pride in his daughter's accomplishments.  Good job, Mike, and let's go, DP!

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