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Smokers (Meat)


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21 hours ago, Bigbrog said:

Has anyone done waygu teres major steaks?  If not, I highly recommend them.  Have had them twice...once while I was down in Pensacola at a butcher shop called Costellos's (great place) and once after I ordered them from this place Wagyu Teres Major Steak | Teres Major Beef | SRF Black Label™ (snakeriverfarms.com).  High class online butcher...great stuff.

As an Iowan, we think it's become a gimmick, just like labeling things " organic" has become.  We're "seeing it" in convenience stores these days. 

Owner of over two decades of the most dangerous words on the internet!  In fact, during the short life of this forum, me's culture has been cancelled three times on this very site!

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1 hour ago, Stockton said:

Saturday's Surf and Turf on the Traeger
28 oz Buffalo Tomahawk Ribeye
18 oz Lobster Tail
U10 Scallops
Thick Cut Pepper Bacon




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