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13 minutes ago, Quaker118 said:

Incontrera from Penn beat Ayzerov 6-3 last week and it wasn’t that close. He tried to turn him at the end and got reversed in the last second. Incontrera gets Conigliari fri at Harvard Sunday and Foca next week. 

Isn't Incontrera at 174?  Wrestled Wolack from Columbia?

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What an absolute bonkers day of wrestling.....

Lemley MICH over Woods IOWA 14-2!!!!

Will Lewan MICH over Franek Iowa TB-1

Marlon Yarbrough Virginia over Sam Latona VT

DeAugustino over Ayala

Sonny Santiago UNC over Ed Scott NC State

Troy Spratley over Richie Figueroa 13-5

Ryder Rogotzke tOSU over Bernie Truax fall

Kasak over D'Emilio

Bouzakis over Nagao


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Not a "big" upset, but an upset nevertheless.

Nick Babin of Columbia just pinned Jack Maida of American in the third period.

Babin was behind 7-6 w/ Maida having over a min of RT, when he reversed and hooked up a cradle.

This was Maida's first bout in quite awhile...


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5 minutes ago, russ1847 said:

Madrigal loses to Norris.

If I am correct he will have to beat Bouzakis to have a chance to qualify, due to a lack of matches.

Madrigal looked like he had no interest in wrestling.

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