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Michigan just Paying $


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2 hours ago, nhs67 said:

Not a number I am creating.  Some prominent university did a study a few years back.

Doesn't surprise me that the average person at a prominent university is 6k times less effective than they think they are. 

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15 hours ago, El Luchador said:

I always loved the look on a guys face, who thought he was tough when you grab him like a wrestler and he feels something he never experienced or expected. 

Speaking of which, it's been way too long since Palacios posted any new homeless wrestler videos.

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14 hours ago, Bigbrog said:

I REALLY hate saying this, but I agree with the delicious pastry

I mean...he's not exactly venturing too far out onto that limb there...saying the 3X Champ a weight up isn't going to lose to Amine(who is an outstanding Wrestler).


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1 hour ago, El Luchador said:

I'm not familiar with this.  Sounds awesome. 

My bad. Dylan Palacio from Cornell did some hilarious videos after he graduated known as homeless wrestler.  He holds a sign up and tells people they get $1,000,of they can take him down, but 10 bucks if he wins. He acts like he's addled and incompetent and suckers them in and surprise, the former AA body slams them.  The idea and his comic timing are great. Here are a couple, there are more on youtube.



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33 minutes ago, El Luchador said:

The slam may be a bit outside of good taste,  but they were more than happy to take advantage of him.

Which one? The first one was pretty good and it didn't seem like the guy was quite the dick the last two were.

I enjoyed the guy who tried to run and jump into him getting planted!

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