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Meatball Ron defeated by 2nd week of law school material

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It is apparent that Disney played the same game that DeSantis is playing.   The board was full of Disney synchophants that happily changed the rules so that DeSantis would have a hard time doing what he wanted.   So that was all taken care of before the law changed and DeSantis' synchophants took over.   Granted, Disney outmaneuvered DeSantis in that. 

But DeSantis is taking care of that and now Disney is crying foul.   What other corporation gets the consideration that Disney has had for so many years in FL?   Let's expand that to the nation?  Nowhere.  

I think Disney is out on a limb here.  There is no precedent for the situation they have been in for decades there.  And now they want to maintain that and serve a lawsuit to do that?  The State of FL can do what it wants.  Disney overstepped, not by saying they disagreed with the law, but when they said they would do everything they could to overturn it.   Now Disney is a political actor doing something outside of their corporate fiduciary duties to their shareholders.  All while enjoying special privileges bestowed by FL government.  So FL government is removing those special privileges.  

For all those crying about this, it is a reverse of what they usually cry about.   Usually they cry about how corporations are so powerful they run the governments.   Poor governments, they need to rein in those evil corporations.   But because the issue is a woke issue, and Disney is on the side of the woke, they are not complaining about how powerful Disney is, but rather that the government is too powerful.  Really, this is untenable and intellectually dishonest.  They  applaud when government puts the brakes on corporations but not in this case.    

Not only that, but the woke issue is one that is sexual in nature.   By siding with Disney and the Don't Say Gay folks, they are saying that they want gender dysphoria taught to K-3.   Does anyone really want to be on that side of this?   Or is it fantasy for those of us to desire that this is not done?  Here in WA, if a child runs away, the state can harbor that child without telling the parents, this is a new law passed this session.   And new legal guardianship will be given because a child that says their parents don't want them to transition is viewed as the parents are abusive and have lost their rights to the child.  So now with new guardianship, the child can access puberty blockers and other hormonal therapy, and even gender surgery.  And supposedly the actual parents are financially liable for this.   Is that really where we want to go with this?  A  minor making these kinds of decisions, when they are aware enough to drive, to vote, to drink, to smoke, to marry, to buy firearms, but by golly they can are aware enough of all the consequences of gender dysphoria?    That is crazy talk.   If they are aware enough that the government say they can do this, then the government has no authority to stop them from driving, drinking, smoking, marrying, or buying firearms.  That is the logic that this is taking.   Do we really want Playboy, Penthouse, and like pornographic materials  in the elementary school libraries?   Of course we do, because not allowing them is book banning.   But the books under consideration are just as bad, the content of which is disgusting and the pictures are pornographic.  I really cannot believe any sentient adult, much less a sentient parent wants any of this.   But that is what is being fought over here. 

Perhaps FL should not have given Reedy Creek governance to Disney in the first place.   There would not be an issue if that was the case. 




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8 hours ago, mspart said:

How can one compare caliber at this point?


Look up the firm names.

O'Melveny & Myers and WilmerHale

These are both extremely competent firms who specialize in corporate litigation.




These are FAFO firms.

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