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Fantasy pick em payouts

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14 hours ago, VakAttack said:

I can't find a post where it was directly discussed.  We have some votes so far, does anybody have any objection to paying out to third?  It feels weird to me because i'm the one benefitting.  I would be paying GWN $200, Antitroll $80, and myself $40.  If anybody can find a post where I specifically said one, please send it to me.  If not, or if there is no objection, I will disburse the funds tomorrow.

Works just fine for me.

Thanks again Vak and lu_alum! It's been fun, hope to see you all here again next year.

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Alright.  I'll disburse tomorrow out to third.  Someone suggested next year doing it out to 4th, similar to NCAA team trophies, and I think that's good, though it may make sent to increase the buy in to $30.

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5 minutes ago, ionel said:

see ... this is why I didn't enter, that and the venmo thing.  

Cuz that Antitroll guy can be tedious? I get that. He just called me out for making the mistake of Warner being 3rd instead of 5th... details.

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