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  1. Yea definitely would’ve been a dogfight good call, still I would give him at worst a 50/50 shot against those guys also shout out to Colby community in the last 2000s and earlier 2010s
  2. Who do you think would have started over him at Colby?
  3. Now that Lewan is done we know who the most boring wrestler in the ncaa will be this year
  4. They may not have the N.I.L set up like they have in the past with the shutting down of Sunkist and all
  5. Nj currently has one active AA that never won a state title (CJ Composto) if he wins a title in the next 2 years you can add him to the list .probably never going to win a title but Ethan Fernandez of Cornell was the 8 seed this year at ncaa and he never placed higher then 4th in NJ states and was never a title contender at all
  6. TJ Hepburn could’ve been a D1 AA ,maybe a finalist , he was 3rd in sr nationals only losing to Jamal Parks who then put it on Molinaro in the finals ,he was always talented enough to wrestle D1 but didn’t have the grades and went Juco for a year where he took 2nd then went 3rd, 2nd ,1st at D2 nationals . His senior year he made the midlands finals and lost to then 2x ncaa champ Kyle Dake 4-0 , he won the Wyoming open multiple times and beat a lot of D1 guys over the years. Whatever level he wrestled at he was going to rise to the top .
  7. Baumgartner is the only jersey one I can think of…Tanelli was close 2nd and 3rd in HS and 3rd in college but can’t find any others
  8. Does anyone know the deadline for the ok state guys to jump in the portal?
  9. Mr brooks posted today Aaron is cleared and ready to go for Paris but if you guys want to go on for a few more pages about how his ncaa titles are going to be stripped that’s cool too
  10. That’s not my quote you quoted me in lol , I agree with you Ive known since he was still in college that coaching and not competing was his long term passion
  11. What I’m saying is he was a bit burned out and I’m sure bummed out by the end of his senior year and had more coaching aspirations then world level wrestling ones
  12. Na just done with the grind of competing ,he even mentioned his senior yr of college he might not wrestle freestyle at all and just jump into coaching as that’s his long term goal , I think it was more others pushing him to keep competing for a few years and he gave it a cycle and now it’s time to move on to admin stuff
  13. So you re telling me I would’ve been wrong to root for Amine over Pat Downey at worlds a few years back?
  14. The reason he opted for Mexico is because he didn’t want to waste years trying to make a team , he wanted to give his Olympic dream a shot then go into fighting he has been training with Dominick Cruz for years now
  15. how many of them are more distinguished wrestlers then the man they are replacing and from the state ? Oklahoma state wanted to replace a legend with a legend and no offense to Scott , Espo and Perry but none of them are on the level of smith and Taylor …Logan is already levels above Tom
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