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  1. No idea last I heard he of him he was on his dads staff at the high school they all went too (Camden catholic) coaching his youngest brother but that was a few years back , his brother chad 2x AA for rider is on the rider staff I believe
  2. Been with Rutgers a long time and is the head coach in waiting for them
  3. Rivera made his dual debut for Princeton after all and picked up a nice win over #8 Rooks
  4. Training through to senior nationals
  5. AJ Fricchionne? Kid didn’t even place in NJ states last season
  6. Shapiro getting the spencer lee treatment already? He lost so he must be hurt or sick
  7. Idk if 2020 was his time, Noah Adams was 32-0 with wins over 6 AAs and was wrestling a very high level all season. This is no disrespect to Moore but Adams had a funky style and I personally thought he was going to win it all that season
  8. Well you can make the case they haven’t had an ncaa champ since 2018 when Synder won his 3rd and they haven’t had a champ not named Synder since Myles Martin in 2016 , that’s a pretty serious drought and this year doesn’t look great either , guys still don’t improve on bottom which has been an issue for a long time but Tom Ryan built that program up to championship level so no way you can say he’s a bad coach but maybe his message has gotten stale , maybe they haven’t evolved in other areas of training like Penn State or maybe they need to bring in a big name outsider as an assistant but if they want to win another title and battle it out with PSU again they need to do something different Once you compare them to anyone other then PSU and Iowa they are elite as it gets still. 60 something programs would kill to be on Ohio states level year in and year out and would jump on Tom Ryan in a minute if he ever left.
  9. The pletcher bump probably had more to do with McKenna graduating and pletcher not having to make that brutal cut to 133 anymore
  10. Garrett Thompson has looked good to start this year, took out Olguin and Connor Brady at cklv , knocked off AA Peyton Hall a few weeks ago too , good for the bobcats maybe they can have an AA this season
  11. Few wrestle back “upsets” Zaconne from Campbell knocks out Chelbove 149- Jordan Williams loses to Hofstras Noah Tapia 184- aaron ayzerov majors Foca , Ayzerov then lost to Fisher from V tech , Ayzerov is a tough dude , won NJ states his senior year with a torn Meniscus in a real tough weight , I think 1st thru 7th are all wrestling D1 now 184- Dylan Fishback over Munoz , Fisher over Kane , Bullock over Gavin Hoffman 197- Sonny Sasso was the last seed in the weight and in wrestlebacks beat the 16 seed Striggow, the #11 seed Bates, the 14th seed Hopkins from Campbell and then won by med ff over #4 Luke Surber, he faces #7 Nick Stammet next 285 Boone McDermott beat #4 Trephan , and Fernandes over Catka which is an upset in seed only
  12. The financial situation with the school as a whole can be described as rough at best, only way that program rises again if an outside donor is pumping money into the program and idk how many high roller donors Edinboro has to start throwing money at a niche sport
  13. 3 of Cardenas opponents were national finalists as well , lost Sloan the runner up in the R16, the Warner in wrestlebacks and Dean for 7th
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