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  1. Yeah, I think it's a combination of the high level of domestic competition plus the fact that there are more Russians wrestling now (for other countries).
  2. Burroughs and Smitty are very close for me, but I have it Burroughs by a hair.
  3. The fixation some of y'all have in Pyles is staggering. Not all content is for you. And if you don't want to watch it, nobody makes you do it (or come onto forums to spend more mental energy on this person you claim to hate.) I don't find his talking head videos super informative, so I don't watch them. But there are tons of fans who are don't trade anywhere near as much as I do. Same as politics where there will be people genuinely surprised this year about who is running or what their specific policies are. HOWEVER, working backward from the OP, the idea being mocked is that they should reach out to othe candidates? Many people, me included, believe they should (not that they will). Mocking that idea is foolish. Pop is a better coach than Scott by any metric. To me, THAT idea is self-evident, that you don't just lock in on one candidate for a job before looking into it, but for the OP, it apparently isn't, so maybe he needs to watch some more Pyles videos?
  4. Again, we're giving Tom Ryan a bunch of credit for confusing a situation and creating the statement to which he is attacking. Pyles never said tOSU had portaled a bunch of guys (or any guys). He said they had benefitted from transfers, which is undeniably true. Then Ryan started trying to take a high horse on NIL and the portal (including during the interview) where he then openly admitted to pursuing (and losing) guys in the portal. Even if we give him the biggest benefit of the doubt, Ryan doesn't get credit for misunderstanding Pyles' post.
  5. "Technically not wrong" is another way of saying "right." Ohio State has undoubtedly had people on their rosters who transferred in. They have not landed anybody from the transfer portal, but Ryan just admitted they have tried. So Pyles "stirring up rumors that they're going after these guys" is not stirring up rumors, they're literally going after these guys. He admitted it. This all hinges on Ryan accusing Pyles of making a demonstrably false statement...that he never made. So there's no "technically." And you can't credibly "insinuate" that they have had portal transfers on their team; it's a binary, easily ascertainable statement. And, again, Pyles never said that. This is all about Ryan being in his fifis about something. I believe the saying is "hit dog gonna holler."
  6. I listened to this just now, and disagree with the representation in this thread. Ryan was being weaselly and assigning statements to Pyles that Pyles never said. There might be some merit to a discussion as to the value of Pyles' original statement that ruffled Ryan's feathers, but on the points of discussion here, Pyles was right, Ryan was wrong. I think Pyles did ask something about this but Ryan demurred. Also, Pyles gave him the opportunity to make clear his vague allusions to other programs and how they handle it vs. Ohio States "beliefs."
  7. No. He and Pyles both tweeted about it, but OK State deleted the original Tweet and then sent a new Tweet afterward. Basically, that tweet was after the initial retirement announcement, so I interpret it to be about the new staff.
  8. The coaching staff isn't running amok. The rumors re: the coaching staff are running amok.
  9. Good ride, Cowboy. https://okstate.com/hidden/news/2024/4/11/cowboy-wrestling-oklahoma-state-legend-john-smith-announces-retirement
  10. We'll need more years of data, obviously, but it is notable that this happened for PSU in the first year of the new scoring rules....but of course it also happened to coincide with a particularly strong (which is saying something) PSU team.
  11. I'm usually the guy to favor the newer era, but in folkstyle, Cael was just different than anybody we've seen.
  12. I'm interested on if this will also happen to Uguev and SIdakov, who also received similar complaints from Ukraine. Eff em all.
  13. You're talking about two different things, just like Elon was. First Amendment doesn't have anything to do with private companies and their platforms. The previous owners were well within their rights to censor and restrict what was put out, as is Elon; it's just hilarious that he does it because he says he bought it to stop the "woke leftists" from doing it to his preferred ideology. Again, his right on his platform, but then don't get whiny when people make fun of you (Elon) for claiming to be a free speech absolutist.
  14. I would doubt that in terms of scholarship given he's still a government employee, but could probably have a workaround related to playing time. You are free to Google Kim Mulkey.
  15. Yes, because the government would not be able to make such a requirement. The government can not do something like this where they are regulating an individual's speech (although Gov. Landry is free to criticize the person or persons involved). Knowing the coach of LSU and her rep, I would highly doubt this is anything related to a protest and probably more related to her old-school ways and routine.
  16. It's literally the definition of a free speech violation. It would be a government entity punishing somebody for their speech.
  17. The only guy to get more mileage from assaulting Cody Chittum than Askey will be Anthony Ferrari.
  18. Oh, good, an original thread topic.
  19. I don't even understand the complaint. The facility looks dope to me. That doesn't change my concerns with the on-the-mat product, lol, but the facility is cool.
  20. Now read the next two paragraphs. Like literally, the next ones. And then, two paragraphs later:
  21. Yup. A rock on a board on top of another rock on top of a raft in the open ocean. https://www.politico.com/news/2023/08/13/rfk-jr-backs-15-week-federal-ban-on-abortion-00111017
  22. I literally said in my post that he did not move on the issue, what do you think you're winning here? He did move on gun control and abortion, two of the biggest issues on the left side of the aisle. You can clearly see where I wrote "abortion plan". Obviously a typo, but you're being disingenuous if you claim you didn't know what I meant. As to gun control, yes, his positions are right wing. Did they "move"? I don't have the specific links, but I recall interviews where he said he would sign laws banning assault weapons, etc., and now his position is against that. Either way, his position NOW is a right wing position. You're attempting to debate semantics as opposed to substance, which is fine if you want to do that, but I'm not interested in this, a substance-based point I made, and debating the semantics. I didn't even make an initial argument as to actual policy positions, just a discussion of the political strategy.
  23. He does not have to go through all these guys, though, just 3 or 4 of them.
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