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  1. Trackwrestling. Search cougar clash
  2. Wish I could take back the money I spent for my daughter’s education to Lindenwood. Was super excited win they went D1 on to jump up and down on the sport I’m passionate about. Sons a bitches.
  3. I was wondering the same thing. If I had to put money on it I would say no but my gambling abilities are not worth a crap. Should see Steed at 157 and Harman or Hawks at 184.
  4. Both were great no doubt. I just put Stieber ahead by a bit.
  5. I think if Steed sucked down to 149 he would not maintain the strength needed.
  6. I thought Steiber was generational but everyone pretty much knew he was going to tOSU. Pico, ahh, what could have been?
  7. Mizzou has sort of replaced the Lindenwood open with their own Tiger style tournament in KC. Stinks for us that live on the east side of the state. I made the 1 1/2 drive to Mizzou to watch them wrestle the ASU JV team.
  8. Took his brother years to fill out to a decent heavy and still has tank issues. Can’t see Rocky leaving 197. Reason I say that about Zac is because they were both the same body wise. To be honest 197 would have been the best weight for Zac imo.
  9. I think 184 is going to be real interesting to see play out, especially when Sinclair arrives
  10. 133: Trey Crawford over Korbin Shepherd by dec. 2-0 133: Zeke Seltzer over Peyton Moore by major dec. 18-3 149: Logan Gioffre over Carter McCallister by dec. 5-1 149: Nate Pulliam over Joel Mylin by dec. 8-2 125. Noah Surtin over Preston Spray by TF 21-5 141: Josh Edmond over Owen Uhls by major dec. 17-4 157: Brock Mauller over Cam Steed by dec. 2-1 157: James Conway over Jeremy Jakowitsch by fall (0:51) 174: Peyton Mocco over. Ellis Pfleger by major dec. 13-2 184: Colton Hawks over Sean Harman by dec. 6-3 285: Zach Elam over Jarrett Stoner by TF 17-1 133: Zeke Seltzer over Trey Crawford by dec. 6-2 149: Logan Gioffre over Nate Pulliam by inj.
  11. Sounds like Hawks has the upper hand right now. Coach Smith answers just about every question this upcoming season in interviews on flo and themat. Sounds like there are going to be some battles. Keegan staying at 65.
  12. There can never be enough talent in the room. Look at PSU. Things always work out. Might not work out the way we think but they always sort out.
  13. Is it just speculation for what wrestlers are getting or is there actual documentation for what each wrestler receives. Shoot, the highest international guys we have just started making decent money 5-10 years ago. Find it hard to believe collegiate kids are knocking down major coin, outside of a handful or so guys. Niche sports don’t usually rake in lots of cash. A few universities come out ahead with their program but I would think only a few.
  14. Last I heard Lee said excuses are for wussies.
  15. Ask Spencer Lee about excuses
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