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  1. Shrug, it is what it is. Any attempt to even state most of this, or other issues, out loud at hs or college level.. mostly gets shouted down or people say that the "only" reason people have problems with it is because "their team isn't winning".
  2. While this is true.. don't use it as a cop out if the fact Dake without a doubt had a mental edge
  3. Hopefully Illinois can live up to expectations. Everyone here is optimistic but wants to see it happen
  4. I'm well aware, but I'll always judge the ones doing it because their development/coaching is lacking more
  5. Man.. Iowa really is embracing, whilst poach when you can coach... I know, I know, everyone is doing it. Nebraska is "alledgedly" is offering 20grand to people. but eh, Iowa honestly comes across as more desperate than anything with how hard they're trying, and I think it's pretty much proven you'll develop more at PSU. So they're trying to take short cuts, Ive said it before, but there's no way this is sustainable. And there's a reason the most successful sports leagues have salary caps.
  6. Yup. I trust who I heard it from. I understand the poaching before coaching is the norm now. And it's about to be the norm in hs, at least in some states. But it's really hard for me to see how it's sustainable. It's also contributing to brain drain in the amount of quality coaches willing to coach at mid tier programs.. because., what's the point if anything you build is poached by people with more resources*. ITT was already happening but it's happening more and more. *im well aware why kids transfer and all the other stuff.. that's irrelevant to what this stuff is doing big picture.
  7. It really is becoming the wild Wild West. Especially after hearing that mid tier guys are being offered 20,000 or more to transfer
  8. It's pretty clear smith stayed until Fix graduated. Truly the GOAT internationally and one of the greatest coaches ever. People can argue if he stayed too long but he's still one of the greatest.
  9. I don't ever tell my kids to take twirly birds, but I do "ask about the score" "and if there was a caution" and make sure to take my time going back to the corner
  10. I will not be mad if I'm wrong. This next year will be very big for them.
  11. If Ramos had been hired I really believe they'd be doing better
  12. I'm at point I really think at least a couple of the coaches know this and just are trying to win as much as possible before it crashes down. And I've gotten sick of people responding to simply taking logical conclusions about where this is going with 1. claiming it's just being mad about it not being my team 2. Pretending these trends aren't concerning while fb and bb are discussing them openly so it is what it is. I'll enjoy it while it lasts
  13. I'm kinda done with the "no team points at tournament" crap. Especially when it's much more realistic for smaller hs and college programs to be able to get a top 25, top 15 top 10 etc finish and highlight that to promote their program to admin/boosters. And build support Im very well aware of the arguments both ways of doing championships. for it so hearing them told to me isn't interesting. But its very hard to take people seriously if they talk about growing the sport/helping not big programs then promote not keeping team points
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