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  1. I didn't take it that way. I thought it was to focus on AWA coaching. I think Askren has said on FRL that he would kind of be screwing his brother over if he moved to take a college coaching gig and that he values living so close to his parents and his brother's family. I think Wisconsin would be the most attractive college position for him. He said he was offered a job at Missouri and turned it down for those reasons. That said I think he'd like to see if he could knock off Cael and PSU and he's said something to that effect on FRL in the past. Perhaps is a really big job with a bunch of resources (Iowa, OSU, something like that) came along and offered him whatever he needed he would take it.
  2. Chittum hit the Walls of Jericho in a dual against UNI over the weekend. Looked like he was about to put a hurting son Ryder Downey when the ref abruptly put a stop to the action. You'll have to find part 2 to see if it was because Downey tapped out or some other reason.
  3. Yeah UCLA had a program. Didn't Mark Schultz start there before transferring? May have been because they were dropping the program
  4. Tonight's dual is not on BTN+. it's own BTN. As you figured out you cannot watch something on BTN with BTN+.
  5. 125: Davis Dec Ayala 3-0 PSU 133: Nagao Dec Schriever 6-0 PSU 141: Bartlett Dec Woods 9-0 PSU 149: Kasak Dec Rathjen 12-0 PSU 157: Haines Dec Franek 15-0 PSU 165: Mesenbrink MD Caliendo 19-0 PSU 174: Starocci MD over Kennedy 23-0 PSU 184: Truax MD over Riggins 27-0 PSU 197: Brooks MD over Glazier 31-0 PSU 285: Kerkvliet MD Hill 35-0 PSU Both teams are penalized -1 team point for control of mat area violations in a wild scene between 165 and 174 during which one unfortunate assistant coach is folded like a certain musical instrument. 34--1. Enough detail?
  6. I thought I made a prediction back on page 4. 34--1 PSU. This one will be on the coaching staff control of mat area violation.
  7. Alternatively if the someone in question was an Iowa wrestling fan he could just give them the tickets. There is a decent chance this will be the heaviest defeat of the Hawkeyes in the past half century.
  8. I assumed he did not give his number, but that of an individual that has wronged him and is need of a comeuppance.
  9. No. Carver-Hawkeye opened in 1983. I think their worst loss there was 30-10 to OSU in 2004.
  10. I thinking it will be worse than that. PSU 34--1.
  11. That OSU match was 1/11/2024 which is more than 20 years ago, but is 20ish years ago. The worst Iowa loss of the past 20 years is that Illinois loss mentioned earlier. The worst defeat of Brands's tenure was 13-29 against Minnesota in Carver Hawkeye on 2/18/2007.
  12. Any chance of Iowa wrestling Arnold or Kueter in this dual? How many matches do they left before they have to pull their shirts? Iowa has a couple big duals after this (PSU, OSU).
  13. The big ten was really weak at 184 that year. Going into the postseason Brooks's best win was Abe Assad. He had also lost a match to Venz. At Big Tens he avenged the loss to Venz and was the 3 seed heading into NCAAs behind Lujan and Bolen. If PSU went to CKLV, Midlands, or Scuffle this likely wouldn't be an issue for Brooks or Messenbrink.
  14. Woods and Bartlett are set to meet in two weeks as are Brooks and Glazier in the same dual. Lovett and Gomez are similarly scheduled to wrestle in a fortnight. Bastida and Elam should face each other in the last dual of the season. Lewis and Starocci and Hendrickson and Kerkvliet have already wrestled each other this year.
  15. They discussed it, but the match they showed was Simmons vs Moldova from the World Championships. He says something about a scraplife shirt with that spladle on it and giving it to Velikov. Not 100% sure if the shirt had a pic of the spladle of Velikov from Ziolkowski or Chirtoaca from the world championships. I couldn't find a pic of the shirt in question... Probably don't make it any more. This webpage makes mention of the Velikov spladle and video take down. https://prommanow.com/2011/09/20/nick-simmons-lands-another-spladle-at-world-championships/ and here is the playlist of videos from the event on USAW's YouTube (lacking Simmons-Velikov) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL496A4C75002F58FF If I were Nick Simmons and I could have one just one spladle all over the internet I'd prefer it be the time I spladled for former world champ. I suppose one positive of Flo buying broadcast rights is that they wouldn't entertain a request to take down a match for something like this.
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