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2/2/24 6:30pm BTN

125-No. 24 Brendan McCrone (R-Fr) or Vinny Kilkeary (Fr.) vs No. 3 Braeden Davis (Fr.)
133-No. 12 Nic Bouzakis (R-Fr.) vs No. 5 Aaron Nagao (So.)
141-No. 3 Jesse Mendez (So.) vs No. 2 Beau Bartlett (Sr.)
149-No. 9 Dylan D'Emilio (R-Sr.) vs No. 12 Tyler Kasak Fr.)
157-Isaac Wilcox (Sr.) vs No. 1 Levi Haines (So.)
165-No. 20 Bryce Hepner (R-Jr.) vs No. 7 Mitchell Mesenbrink (R-Fr.)
174-No. 11 Rocco Welsh (Fr.) vs No. 1 Carter Starocci (Sr.)
184-Ryder Rogotzke (Fr.) or Seth Shumate (R-Fr.) vs No. 5 Bernie Truax (Gr.)
197-No. 22 Luke Geog (R-Fr.) vs No. 1 Aaron Brooks (Sr.)
285-No. 12 Nick Feldman (R-Fr.) vs No. 1 Greg Kerkviet (Sr.)

(InterMat Rankings)

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Do we know that Nagao is going this weekend at 133?  He was out last weekend.

I think they let Kilkeary go out against him.  I think he holds the career edge 2-0 or 3-0 on Davis going back to Frosh seasons in High School.

It is conceivable that tOSU jumps out to a four match lead out the gate, if no Nagao.

Kilkeary over Davis via DEC
Bouzakis over Shunk via MAJ
Mendez over Bartlett via MAJ
D'Emilio over Kasak via DEC

PSU is going to be pushing for bonus in the other six matches, though.  So they will need Rogotzke to deck Truax.  That would optimistically (obviously) put them at 20 points.

If they could keep the PSU upper weights to less than 21 points I would be shocked...




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