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  2. https://www.borofanohio.net/ https://www.baumspage.com/wr/
  3. Question for ya sir. Do you know a good website or resource to follow along with the Ohio sectional and district tournaments? Thanks in advance!
  4. Saldate can be dangerous. Malczewski has tons of experience and I like Fish. No Geog. He didn't look good against Indiana, gassed hard. Go Bucks!
  5. MSU only has two ranked guys, wow.
  6. Feb. 16, 7pm 125-No. 22 Brendan McCrone (R-Fr) vs Tristan Lujan (Sr.) 133-No. 10 Nic Bouzakis (R-Fr.) vs Andy Hampton (R-So.) 141-No. 3 Jesse Mendez (So.) vs Jordan Hamdan (R-Sr.) 149-No. 10 Dylan D'Emilio (R-Sr.) vs Braden Stauffenberg (R-Fr.) 157-Isaac Wilcox (Sr.) or Gavin Brown (R-Fr.) vs No. 20 Chase Saldate (Sr.) 165-No. 19 Bryce Hepner (R-Jr.) vs No. 9 Caleb Fish (Sr.) 174-No. 11 Rocco Welsh (Fr.) vs DJ Shannon (R-Sr.) 184-No. 23 Ryder Rogotzke (Fr.) vs No. 15 Layne Malczewski (Gr.) 197-Seth Shumate (R-Fr.) vs Kael Wisler (R-Fr.) 285-No. 7 Nick Feldman (R-Fr.) vs Josh Terrill (R-Fr.) InterMat rankings
  7. Kilkeary beat him 5-2 at S32 in 2020 and 5-2 at Pitt Wrestling Classic in 2023 I believe...
  8. Nagao was sick. If you watch the Penn State media availability you can see him playing dodgeball in the background at one point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Do we know that Nagao is going this weekend at 133? He was out last weekend. I think they let Kilkeary go out against him. I think he holds the career edge 2-0 or 3-0 on Davis going back to Frosh seasons in High School. It is conceivable that tOSU jumps out to a four match lead out the gate, if no Nagao. Kilkeary over Davis via DEC Bouzakis over Shunk via MAJ Mendez over Bartlett via MAJ D'Emilio over Kasak via DEC PSU is going to be pushing for bonus in the other six matches, though. So they will need Rogotzke to deck Truax. That would optimistically (obviously) put them at 20 points. If they could keep the PSU upper weights to less than 21 points I would be shocked...
  10. So are 3 best chances are 133, 141 and 149. 3 is better than zero I suppose.
  11. No. 6 OHIO STATE BUCKEYES at No. 1 PENN STATE 2/2/24 6:30pm BTN 125-No. 24 Brendan McCrone (R-Fr) or Vinny Kilkeary (Fr.) vs No. 3 Braeden Davis (Fr.) 133-No. 12 Nic Bouzakis (R-Fr.) vs No. 5 Aaron Nagao (So.) 141-No. 3 Jesse Mendez (So.) vs No. 2 Beau Bartlett (Sr.) 149-No. 9 Dylan D'Emilio (R-Sr.) vs No. 12 Tyler Kasak Fr.) 157-Isaac Wilcox (Sr.) vs No. 1 Levi Haines (So.) 165-No. 20 Bryce Hepner (R-Jr.) vs No. 7 Mitchell Mesenbrink (R-Fr.) 174-No. 11 Rocco Welsh (Fr.) vs No. 1 Carter Starocci (Sr.) 184-Ryder Rogotzke (Fr.) or Seth Shumate (R-Fr.) vs No. 5 Bernie Truax (Gr.) 197-No. 22 Luke Geog (R-Fr.) vs No. 1 Aaron Brooks (Sr.) 285-No. 12 Nick Feldman (R-Fr.) vs No. 1 Greg Kerkviet (Sr.) (InterMat Rankings)
  12. I was against Rocco and Rogotzke wrestling this year, but the Norns have woven their fate it appears... It was an unexpected win for sure. Fun dual. Onto PSU...
  13. A damn fine showing by tOSU gents all-around. Some head scratchers early on, but definitely a great win for the team.
  14. No. 7 OHIO STATE BUCKEYES vs. No. 13 MICHIGAN WOLVERINES 125-No. 24 Brendan McCrone (R-Fr vs No. 14 Michael DeAugustino (Gr.) 133-No. 12 Nic Bouzakis (R-Fr.) vs No. 4 Dylan Ragusin (R-Jr.) 141-No. 3 Jesse Mendez (So.) vs No. 19 Sergio Lemley (Fr.) 149-No. 9 Dylan D'Emilio (R-Sr.) vs No. 6 Austin Gomez (Gr.) 157-No. 30 Isaac Wilcox (Sr.) vs No.10 Will Lewan (Gr.) 165-No. 21 Bryce Hepner (R-Jr.) vs No. 10 Cameron Amine (R-Sr.) 174-No. 11 Rocco Welsh (Fr.) vs No. 4 Shane Griffin (Gr.)or Joseph Walker (R-Jr.) 184-Ryder Rogotzke (Fr.) or No. 32 Seth Shumate (R-Fr.) vs No. 15 Jaden Bullock (R-Jr.) 197-No. 22 Luke Geog (R-Fr.) vs Bobby Striggow (Gr.) or Rylan Rogers (R-Fr.) 285-No. 16 Nick Feldman (R-Fr.) vs No. 4 Lucas Davison (Gr.) InterMat rankings. 7-3 UM.
  15. Hepner Hamiti should be a good one. Looking forward to Rocco's match as well. Should be a good test for him.
  16. Hopefully his surgery doesn’t hinder his growth
  17. #7 OHIO STATE BUCKEYES vs #17 WISCONSIN BADGERS 3:00pm January 21, Madison 125 - #24 Brendan McCrone (R-Fr) vs #4 Eric Barnett (Sr.) 133 - #12 Nic Bouzakis (R-Fr.) vs Nicolar Rivera (R-Fr.) or Zan Fugitt (Fr.) 141 - #3Jesse Mendez (So.) vs Felix Lettini (R-Fr.) 149 - #9Dylan D'Emilio (R-Sr.) vs #22 Joseph Zargo (Jr.) 157 - #33 Isaac Wilcox (Sr.) .vs Luke Mechler (R-So.) 165 - #22 Bryce Hepner (R-Jr.) vs #5 Dean Hamiti (Jr.) 174 - #30 Rocco Welsh (Fr.) vs #11 Max Maylor (Gr.) or Cale Anderson (R-So.) 184 - Ryder Rogotzke (Fr.) or #32 Seth Shumate (R-Fr.) vs #16 Shane Liegel (Gr.) 197 - #22 Luke Geog (R-Fr.) vs Josh Otto (R-Sr.) or Michael Talshahar (R-Fr.) 285 - #17 Nick Feldman (R-Fr.) vs Brooks Empey (R-So.) or Gannon Rosenfeld (R-Fr.) InterMat rankings
  18. Buckeyes go 9-1 with nine bonus point wins. Known about the injuries for a couple weeks, but didn't have any confirmation on Hoffman. Shumate needs the matches. Rogotzke needs to keep the RS. If Wilcox can hold 57 he'll be okay. Rocco at 74 is okay with me, he can RS later. Go Buckeyes!
  19. Hoffman now out for the year, what is happening with the injuries this year man
  20. # 7 OHIO STATE vs # 25 MARYLAND 125 - 24 Brendan McCrone (R-Fr) vs Tommy Capul (R-So.) 133 - 12 Nic Bouzakis (R-Fr.) vs 21 Braxton Brown (R-So.) or Conner Quinn (R-So.) 141 - 3 Jesse Mendez (So.) vs 14 Kal Miller (So.) or Michael Pizzuto (Fr.) 149 - 9 Dylan D'Emilio (R-Sr.) vs 17 Ethen Miller (R-So.) or Luke Jacobs (R-Fr.) 157 - 33 Isaac Wilcox (Sr.) vs 30 Michael North (R-Sr.) or Kevin Schork (R-So.) 165 - 22 Bryce Hepner (R-Jr.) vs AJ Rodrigues (Fr.) or Ryan Money (Fr.) 174 - 30 Rocco Welsh (Fr.) or Gavin Bell (R-So.) vs Dom Solis (Jr.) or Gaven Bell (R-So.) 184 - Ryder Rogotzke (Fr.) or 32 Seth Shumate (R-Fr.) vs .Chase Mielnik (Jr.) 197 - 22 Luke Geog (R-Fr.) vs 5 Jaxon Smith (R-So.) or Kevin Makosy (R-Sr.) 285 - 17 Nick Feldman (R-Fr.) vs 23 Seth Nevills (Gr.) or Sam O’Brian (R-So). 8-2 Buckeyes. 7-3 with an upset... *InterMat rankings
  21. Oh damn! Gallagher is done? That sucks ass.
  22. Why Wilcox over Gallagher at 157?
  23. Geog had 1-0, freshman wrestler and Feldman had 5th year guy with a 5-3 record. McCrone was a surprise but he's been that all season. Bouzakis handled the seasoned vet. Mendez was good. D'Emilio lost to a 10-1 true freshman. Good match... Wilcox had a win down a weight class. Hepner did what we've been waiting for. Welsh was the wrestler of the night for The Bucks. In a Loss. Shumate got a win he should have against a 10-17 sophomore. Great start! Have to win the matches you should. Especially if you're a Buckeye. Maryland coming up....

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