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Jimmy Cinnabon

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Not much discussion here recently of RBY as a Hodge candidate. especially if Lee falters.  

RBY has no losses this year.  Has won something like 50 in a row (can't recall the exact number but it's close to that). 

If he closes it out, he will be a three time champ.  

And right now he has an 82 percent bonus rate. 

Also taking out Fix twice (or perhaps even three times) is no small feat given that Fix is a World Silver medalist

Plus RBY should get extra points for his entertaining style.  He won't but he is fun to watch.

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4 hours ago, MPhillips said:

Only twelve matches and he's not Spencer... :classic_dry:

He did qualify it with IF Lee falters.

That seems like a long shot to begin with, but damn near impossible if Glory is injured. Hope he's healthy because I really think he could put together a nice game plan for Lee. A smart match and Glory's size, plus you factor in the full day after his last weigh in and that Spencer's gas tank isn't great right now. Glory would have to get through that 1st period without giving up points, go Neutral and then hope to be able to win it in the 3rd. 


I wouldn't bet on it, but I'm guessing a whole PA State Tourney Crowd would have said the same his Sr year. 

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