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  1. They're going to be better next season.
  2. He's got some unfinished business with a certain Mr. Gabe Arnold.
  3. Likely finalists: Brooks, Kerk, Starocci and Levi. Very good shot: Mesenbrink (no KOT, Carr or Hamiti) Nobody would be surprised: Bartlett, Davis I mean, it's possible: Bernie I'd probably still take the under but damn if they don't have a good shot at 7 and an outside shot at 8.
  4. I think what PSU does at 133 will be very telling. Nagao was supposed to be an incoming stud and just hasn't been able to put it together. I still feel like it wouldn't be a shock to see him finish as high as 3rd but I could also see him struggle to make the podium. If he doesn't get it done in KC does Davis bump so LL can go next year?
  5. Steen/Howard Shunk/Howard Evans Kasak Forfeit/Matt Lee? Bearclaw Facundo Barr Cochran/Fricchione Fricchione/Cochran
  6. Why not just alert the ref before the match starts? Just say "FYI, whenever I'm getting taken down it's because I'm injured."
  7. You're right, nobody has ever come back to win a match when they were losing 4-3 and pushing the action.
  8. What an accomplishment! They ducked at 125, beat unranked guys at 133 and 141 and then cried themselves to a victory at 149. Iowa wrestling is teaching today's youth to avoid tough matchups and then cheat to win if you're in trouble. It's no wonder they're dropping in the rankings and getting out-recruited.
  9. If he'd had locked up any kind of pinning combination Rathjen would cry like a baby to get a stoppage.
  10. Rathjen's injury went away just after the restart but he was somehow limping again after the final whistle. It's almost like Iowa is softer than ten-ply and either duck or cry to preserve their seeds.
  11. Desanto injury to Rathjen, Iowa always gets hurt as they're being taken down.
  12. They'd have to really want that 3rd place trophy
  13. You can smell the fear coming from Iowa.
  14. I was disappointed they brought Uncle Fester back.
  15. I'd be surprised to see Starocci after the way he gassed. He was sick a couple weeks ago and seems to be dealing with lingering effects.
  16. I don't see how he could even come close to cracking their lineup. He's listed at 165 so there's nowhere even close for him to even have a chance.
  17. Stupid stall call on Blaze in the 3rd
  18. There hasn't been a takedown since 149.
  19. I'm not so sure Gibson is in the plans to be anything more than a backup/depth guy.
  20. When Starocci came out to the theme from Halloween I thought it was pretty b'dass.
  21. Mineo is saying that the reason Amine didn't wrestle last night is that he was a couple minutes late for the skin check and Tom "They just broke a minor rule and the kids should be allowed to wrestle" Brands threw a hissy fit about it and got him DQd. Just when you think Iowa couldn't be any more soft this kind of stuff comes out...
  22. We’ll find out this summer when Bassett and Jax commit.
  23. The best part of people commenting on PSU is that everybody assumes they’re going to lose every even halfway close matchup. It’s been like that since Zain was going to lose to Sorenson.
  24. That’s not what that is, maybe you ate some bad shrimp?
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