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  1. Why's anyone worried? The Brands brothers are known for taking talent and making it better every year.
  2. Killdozer put out stats responding to the 5 best teams in the last 10 years post that help make the point of underachieving. No conference titles and 6 national champions. Mr PeanutButter made some excellent points in his response. Yes, there are injuries we don't know the full extent of, but the 4 wrestlers listed that were highly touted recruits and came up short could easily double with some thought. Didn't opine that the Brands brothers needed to go, just don't understand the adulation from the Intermat writers. The rabid fan base is understandable.
  3. There's no hate for Iowa. The Brands brothers are held in high regard even though they underachieve with the talent they bring in. The statements made in the preview laud their ability to motivate and get results, I don't believe their record reflects the adulation. They should have more individual champions with the talent they've had since the brothers took over the program. There's no doubt the Hawkeyes are one of the best programs, they're not just "the best" like the good old days. The amount of coverage isn't the point, it's the constant praise of the coaches who don't get the most out of their athletes. It's been my opinion for years and that opinion doesn't make me stupid.
  4. The first topic I addressed in this forum was how intermat is in love with the Brands brothers and I didn't understand the adulation based on the lack of results in the last 13 years. Kevin Claunch writes they "THRIVE off your negative vibes" and "they get STRONGER with every negative thought about Iowa and are MASTERS at motivating their athletes when it's THEM against the world." The staff gets the best out of their talent, which is generally seems to be why talent goes there. Look at their record! No NCAA team titles in 14 years, finished 3rd and 4th several times, top recruits and transfers never became individual champions, several years with NO individual national champion. The fan base readily accepts that they're the 2nd best team and crow about it. There was a time when what Kevin Claunch wrote was 100% accurate, but it hasn't been that way since Dan Gable. The Brands brothers are entertaining but aren't the great coaches they get credit for being. IMO.
  5. He had a year left, that's what he lost. Should he be suspended for his last year and then be able to come back and wrestle at 25? Wouldn't be much of a punishment for a series of mistakes. Didn't go to the compliance meeting, who's fault's that. Sounds like a very important meeting to miss, and a subject that needed addressing more than once. It's a shame this happened. The NCAA has been pathetic for many years under Mark Emmert. New president is doing things different.
  6. Before you kill me over the mistake, That's who you are!
  7. It's not Karen, it's Cathy Lee! Tat's who you are!
  8. The crazy, insane, sophomoric people won't stop! 11 pages of stupidity. I'm sure nhs 67 is still awake and can't help himself to post "last word" to show he's a total lunatic! Go ahead, show the world, we know you will.
  9. "Left out Metcalf lol." Acknowledged the error an hour ago, lol. "A recruiting video with all his coaching highlight" would be very short. The Brands brothers can stay in Iowa City and place 2nd, 3rd, or 4th every year like they've done previously in the 16 years (excluding 2020) of their reign. Don't think the great Dan Gable would be satisfied with these results based on the domination he achieved, was a glorious time for the Hawkeyes.
  10. You are correct! B Metcalf 2008, 2010. 8 individual champions with 13 individual titles. Thank you for the correction.
  11. Other teams don't get the top recruits that the Hawkeyes do.
  12. Individual champs for the Iowa Hawkeyes since Tom and Terry Brands 2007-2023: 2007 - M. Perry. 2008 - M. Perry. 2010 - M. McDonough, J. Borchel. 2012 - M. McDonough. 2013 - D. St John. 2014 - T Ramos. 2017 - C. Clark. 2018 - S. Lee. 2019 - S. Lee. 2021 - S. Lee. 2009, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2020 (no tournament), 2022, 2023. - No individual champions 11 individual champions in 16 years (2020 no tournament). 6 years with 0 individual champions. Top recruits and have these results? Don't think he'll be a Head Coach or assistant anywhere but Iowa.
  13. Stop. No, you stop. I'll stop when you stop. The sophomoric behavior of this forum is on full display. You're better than this. Move on for everyone's sake.
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