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  1. 197? Why would he wrestle that heavy? Looks like a 174 at most, under the previous regime.
  2. Yes. Not like they are dominating weak guys and getting overseeded. Something has just been happening at nationals.
  3. They beat some pretty good guys! Scott, not so much, but he was also a returning placer. Championship Results 157 – #12 Ed Scott (NCSU) dec. #32 Sonny Santiago (UNC) – 8-2 165 – Nick Hamilton (UVA) dec. #21 Connor Brady (VT) – 7-2 174 – #2 Mekhi Lewis (VT) dec. #16 Justin McCoy (UVA) – 8-1 184 – #15 Thomas Stewart, Jr. (VT) dec. #10 Dylan Fishback (NCSU) – 8-5 197 – #2 Trent Hidlay (NCSU) over #23 Max Shaw (UNC) – medical forfeit 285 – #14 Owen Trephan (NCSU) dec. #19 Hunter Catka (VT) – 4-2 125 – #10 Jakob Camacho (NCSU) dec. #6 Cooper Flynn (VT) – 4-2 133 – #4 Kai Orine (NCSU) def. #15 Sam Latona (VT) – 4-0 141 – #4 Ryan Jack (NCSU) def. #14 Cole Matthews (Pitt) – 4-1 149 – #5 Jackson Arrington (NCSU) def. #2 Caleb Henson (VT) – 4-1 SV-1
  4. I mean, I was a middling D2 5'10" 150 lber and I could grab rim with both hands. Our 158 could dunk.
  5. I think the problem with that is: there are way more high school coaches who do not understand the rules or interpretations. Many high school coaches thought that it was 3 swipes for a 2 point nearfall in recent years!
  6. We will never know. Alirez went on record that Woods was a lot better at Iowa, despite losing to him at Stanford and beating him at Iowa in the finals.
  7. But then NC State has been getting outperformed by Vtech at nationals. So I'm guessing it is not just the unilateral domination over a weak conference that we saw with Mizzou in the MAC.
  8. I don't think anyone that wrestled under Gable could be called a Cael clone, or even a Gable clone. However, between Brands, Zalesky, and Tom Ryan, the Gable proteges have done ok. I would imagine that Taylor would do a lot of the same stuff Cael does. He will likely have a lot more patience than Smith, as he has shown that he is successful working with youth level kids. For M2, he has said he is somewhere in between his high school experience (almost no drilling during the season and just banging heads for 2+ hours) and PSU (lots of drilling and sparring, the drilling is probably very active). I would think that he would be more Cael-like for the college studs he will have.
  9. Real Woods was way better at Iowa than Stanford.
  10. Yes. Absolute dogfight, but why lose and lose that year of eligibility? Get in the lineup a couple of times, then lose your spot, lose a year.
  11. Obviously the two guys I'm about to bring up aren't proven at that level, but Jody Strittmatter talks about the differences between Spencer Lee and Jason Nolf while they were in his club. Lee would be tremendously upset for hours if he gave up a takedown even to a full grown d1 all-American. Nolf would try to experiment with techniques and would give up takedowns to kids 5-10 years younger. Two different approaches that were both successful for these two 3x NCAA champs. I think even the greatest winners can step out of "killer" territory while coaching if it benefits their athletes.
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