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  1. Won't happen. Secret service agents going to be incarcerated with him?
  2. Plus, he has already retired once! https://www.nj.com/highschoolsports/2020/03/126-pound-final-bergen-catholics-robert-howard-leaves-legacy-for-all-to-see.html
  3. I would absolutely love that! They have plenty of my money, the least they could do would be to re-start the wrestling program.
  4. That was his breakout win, at least the one I remember.
  5. I wouldn't count on the facility alone "levelling the playing field," but Iowa will still be able to pull some top recruits. The previous poster suggested otherwise.
  6. There are basically no scholarship limits right now. The only limit is how much money the "boosters" have. We are in an era where PSU is getting nearly all the top recruits. It seems there is no way all these top kids are going to all be able to crack the lineup, but we are assured that Cael has a plan. How much of this plan is to keep studs from scoring points for other teams?
  7. They're 5 years older now and many are adults.
  8. Ya think? They lost to Ithaca College the first year that Koll was there.
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